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Confirmed: Raj Kundra Is Neither Producing 'Nanak' Nor Stepping Into Punjabi Industry Any Soon!

By: Gurleen | March 21, 2019

On June 21, 2017, we reported that Raj Kundra has confirmed his debut as a producer in the Punjabi film industry. The man shared an Instagram post where he talked about his first Punjabi film as a producer. The film was titled 'Nanak'.

Now, that post has been removed from his social media accounts. Confirming the news that Nanak will no more be produced by Raj Kundra, 'Yaara Ve' director Rakesh Mehta revealed that the man is presently in no mood to step into the Punjabi film world but yes the film is on! 

When we asked him why Raj planned to pull back, he said, "There are actually a couple of reasons but all I can say is that what has happened has happened for the good."

The initial starcast that was announced included names like Jassie Gill, Diljott and Japji Khaira but later we got to know that Jassie has been replaced by Jimmy Sheirgill due to Jassie's unavailability owing to his Bollywood debut project. Elaborating on Jimmy's role in the film, Mehta stated, "Yes Jimmy was offered the part but there was some miscommunication between Jimmy and the production team which is probably why Jimmy wasn't taken on board."

"But I don't want to blame anybody for anything. Nanak is my dream project and it will definitely be made, not with Raj Kundra but another team," added Rakesh Mehta. 


When we asked why Raj wanted to make this film in the first place, he said, "He loved the story of the father-son bond and connected it to himself and his dad. This emotional connect got him into the mode of producing a Punjabi film but I guess now that's not happening. Rather, I'd say that Raj is not interested in making any film because he's busy with his own stuff."

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When the announcement was made two years ago, many including us wondered why Raj wants to suddenly produce a Punjabi film and now when he's taken a back step all that we could get in response is "He's a big man now, he's not interested in making films anymore."

At the moment, Rakesh Mehta is all geared up for his forthcoming film titled Yaara Ve that is scheduled for release on 5th April 2019. Soon after, the Director-Producer duo will set out towards the journey of their next that has been tentatively titled "Mainu Ishq Da Lageya Rog". Recently, we also saw an update from his end which showed that he'll soon be directing actor Sanjay Dutt in one of his Bollywood films. 

So, summing it all up we'd say that yes Raj Kundra is not stepping into Punjabi films any soon but Nanak is not shelved.

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