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If Punjab Gets A Madame Tussaud Museum Which Artist Should Get A Wax Statue There?

By: Amrinder Singh | March 19, 2019

So now that Diljit Dosanjh's will officially be the first turbanned statue placed at New Delhi's Madame Tussaud Museum, we wondered who all should be on the list if Punjab gets it's own Madame Tussaud Museum?

If Daily Ent Xpress is to be believed, then the following Punjabi legends must have a place at Punjab's Madame Tussauds:

1) Surinder Kaur - The 'Nightingale of Punjab'

2) Kuldeep Manak - Kaliyan Da Badshah

3) Surjit Bindrakhia - The first international superstar in bhangra music

4) Ranjit Kaur - Known for her duets with Muhammad Sadiq, Ranjit Kaur is a noted Punjabi singer and politician. 

5) Lal Chand Yamla Jatt - Best known as Yamla Jatt, he was a noted folk singer from Punjab. His trademark was his soft strumming of the tumbi and his turban tying style known traditionally as "Turla". Many consider him to be the pinnacle of the Punjabi music and an artist who arguably laid the foundation of contemporary music in East Punjab.

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6) Dara Singh Randhawa - Known professionally as Dara Singh, he was an Indian professional wrestler, actor and politician. Dara Singh was the first sportsman to be nominated to the Rajya Sabha of India.

7) Veerendra - The fearless Punjabi actor-director-producer who got assassinated for his passion for making Punjabi films

8) Preeti Sapru - The dove-eyed beauty that changed the definition of a Punjabi actress.

9) Amar Singh Chamkila - Elvis of Punjab who was murdered at the age of 27 

10) Amar Singh Shaunki - The Dhadi Maestro

There are a lot of names that are still on our mind but we'd really like to know who you think should be added to the list. Also, how about the modern age artists? Who should get a space next to these legends??

Originally published in Daily Ent Xpress

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