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Here's How Ranjit Singh Bajwa Of Wadala Granthian Became Punjab's Beloved Ranjit Bawa

By: Amrinder Singh | March 13, 2019

Ranjit Bawa is one of those few singers who has created his unique mark in today's hip hop era. His voice has that unique texture of ‘Punjabi folk' which was decreasing majorly in the past few years. But the entry of Bawa once again revived that traditional style. Born as Ranjit Singh Bajwa in Wadala Granthian Pind of Gurdaspur district, Ranjit Bawa belonged to an average family. Gauging his deep love for music, his mother took him to Master Mangal Singh from whom Bawa learned music for more than one decade.

Master Mangal would often send Ranjit on his own resources to perform in festivals and competitions. It was then that Bawa got the taste of live performances and even today giving a live performance is one of his favorite things. Until his Khalsa college days, he was Ranjit Singh Bajwa; it was due to his music that he got the nickname of Bawa. Ranjit was very fond of a Pakistani song ‘Bol Miti Diya Baweya’ and would often sing this song in inter-college competitions and fests. The song made him so popular in his college that students started calling him ‘Bawa’. Therefore, since then the ‘Bawa’ nickname got attached to his first name.

The actual struggle for him started when he passed his college. He then started knocking doors of music directors and music companies in search of an opportunity but his initial efforts couldn't yield fruitful results. But his destiny was soon to reward him for his hard work of almost 15 years.

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He became a prominent name with his first single ‘Jatt Di Akal’ which was released in 2014. The song turned out to be a huge hit and broke many records on the go. ‘Jatt Di Akal’ also fetched 2015s Brit Asia Award for Ranjit Bawa. After this hit, he has been riding the success chariot in top gear!

After proving his mettle in singing, he made his acting debut in 2017 with 'Sarvann' alongside Amrinder Gill and Simi Chahal. Bawa's screen presence was praised by both audience and critics. His performance in this movie earned him roles like Toofan Singh, Bhalwan Singh, Laadi and the most recent one of Manga Singh Randhawa.

So, we can surely say that ‘Bawa is all set’ for even more success!


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