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A Candid Chit Chat With Th New 'Sultan' Of P-Town - Nishawn Bhullar!

By: Gurleen | March 10, 2019

Nishawn Bhullar, the man who has proved that it is not quantity but quality that matters, especially when it comes to delivering content for the audiences. The man has not only delivered great music over the years but has also shown the Punjabi art lovers that there are some tremendous performers that our industry has and Nishawn happens to be one of those few, who skins his character optimally and if the character has a grey shade then that is like a topping on the cake. 

We caught up with the new 'Sultan' of P-town Nishawn Bhullar to talk about his new identity, his journey from and after Gangland in Motherland and his plans forward. 

Here are a few excerpts:

Where were you all these years from the acting front? After Nabar, did you get any other offers?

Yes, I did get offers but I had to say no them all. Actually, the characters that were offered to me were not very intriguing and for me, I have to sense the character from the script itself, that should be the intensity but none of the roles had it in them. I need to feel connected to the character since the very beginning. 

How did Gangland In Motherland happen?

The webs series concept had been running in my mind since long. I had read a few interviews where b-town celebs talked about their inclination towards making a web series so I also researched about it. I wanted to do a similar thing in Punjabi. As time passed, I discussed this plan with KV and he was keen to partner with me on this. That's when the talks initiated on a project mode, then we chose the subject and everything started falling in place. I believe that projects which are made with a favorable approach by nature always become a success. 

Was it an intentionally timed project as the current trend is of college politics and gang wars. Do you feel that your subject promoted violence?

Some did have the opinion that we are promoting violence but we have literally tried to speak about every aspect of that life. My character Sultan has always been vocal about the fact that violence is not my journey and I do not wish to walk on that track. Not trying to justify but I do want to say that at times, to make content meaningful yet entertaining, one does take some cinematic liberty.

The timing was a mere coincidence. We had not planned it this way but I guess it just hit the market at the right time. 

The star cast was pretty surprising, how did you think of these people as actors? Also, were these characters offered to the A-listers of the industry before the current actors got finalised?

We have very cordial relations in the Punjabi industry and I personally gel along with literally everybody here, so for me, it's like a family. The starcast was actually chosen keeping in mind that we wanted freshness in our content. For instance, Mehtab's character needed the innocence that Mehtab's face carries in real life too, and the same for Japji. Also, these artists were within my reach and repeating again, we wanted freshness. A few other artists were approached too but things didn't materialize with them.

For instance, for Yaar Grewal's role, we had approached Jass Bajwa but then we thought of securing him for a future project that I and Jass are planning together.

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What were the problems that you faced while shooting for Gangland In Motherland?

We did have issues but frankly, none of us ever complained. We worked as a family and that's what made this project a success. We didn't have vanities or starry facilities but none of the actors cribbed about it.

The direction was pretty appealing, how did you cast a debutante as the director of this project?

Gabbar Sangrur was referred to us by a friend name Gurpreet Khetla. We were aware of the fact that Gabbar does production and we needed him for that. During one of our interactions, Gabbar started narrating a few scenes from the story to us and he did catch our attention with his narration. Gabbar tagged Baljeet Noor along and both of them added a lot of spark to the whole thing. Finally, KV suggested that we get the series directed by Gabbar, though a risk as it will be his first as a director, but we offered him the chair. We talked to Gabbar who resisted it at first but finally, we were all on the same page. 

Digital biggies like Netflix and Amazon have entered the Indian market and many of our Punjabi artists have been roped in for major roles. If you are planning a season 2 of Gangland, do you feel that it will be difficult to get the team back again? Also, what if you bag a major character in one of the Originals, what will you do with the Gangland franchise?

I believe that a thing that gives you a major push is something that always stays your priority. Gangland has given me a major upward lift and I can't even explain in words how elated I feel when someone calls out my name as Sultan, instead of Nishawn. The feeling is surreal and equally contending that my efforts have been noticed in the way that I had desired. It is a home production that was made emotionally and I don't think we will not have time for it ever. 

Have you been getting more offers?

I have yes, but I'll share with you soon. 

Sultan, the character that you've portrayed in Gangland, has a similar shade as of those characters that are cinematically done by Dev Kharoud these days. Have you been approached by makers of such subjects for a film? Also, with this, do you see yourself competing with Dev Kharoud onscreen if you do such a film?

As far as I am concerned, I don't see my self competing with anyone. As a matter of fact, no one is really a competitor to anyone. Dev Kharoud has his own genre and the man has been struggling since a lot many years before finally becoming a success. Me, when I was doing Nabar or Sikander, I have always been a part of subjects that have been different. So, those who wish to work with Dev shall work with him and those who feel Nishawn is the best option then they'll automatically come to me, there is simply no competition. I would never try to take away anyone's hard-earned place in the industry.

On that positive note, we wished the super positive and confident Nishawn Bhullar all the best and we are keen to get an update about his new projects.

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