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Binnu's Wedding Saga: How Many Weddings Will It Take For Him To Try Something New?

By: Prakriti | March 5, 2019

While there are numerous movies been announced this year, we are glad that makers are putting efforts for something novel with each new project. There have been different phases in Punjabi Cinema including those times when NRI Punjabis felt extremely nostalgic watching our films, then the comedy era followed and just when everyone was fed up of this genre, makers thought of overusing the period backdrop. It is a known fact that the Punjabi industry goes by the funda of following the herd and that's when monotony prevails. Not just the audiences, even the industry gets fed up of seeing the same kind of content. Now, it is the wedding sagas that have been topping the list of most overused subject in Punjabi movies.

Marriage Palace, Vadhaiyaan Ji Vadhaiyaan, Manje Bistre, Vekh Barataan Chaliyan, Lavaan Phere, and many more names can be added to the list. But we have noticed that one actor who has consistently been doing movies about the same subject is actor-comedian Binnu Dhillon. Binnu Dhillon, who is at the peak of his career, has got this position after a lot of struggle. The man has been in the Punjabi industry since long but was only given comedy roles or light negative roles until a few years ago. Though he was doing character roles, his comic timing and perfect expressions stole him the limelight and at times, his roles started getting chopped off from movies just because people loved his work more than that of the lead actors.

But time changed and in the last couple of years, we have seen the man coming as the hero in numerous Punjabi movies. Leading a film seems to be a big thing for this actor but is he valuing this opportunity well?

While discussing the same aspect with us, Harkamal Singh, an entertainment journo from the Punjabi industry, opined that 'binuism' needs to get a new definition than just him getting married in all his films. We did agree to his point because the man, though has delivered many hit movies in the recent past, has primarily been running a marathon for his bride.

Pick up any movie, it is either him running after a girl he wants to marry or her parents whom he wants to convince for marriage. Vekh Baraatan Chaliyan, Kala Shah Kala, Vadhayiyaan Ji Vadhayiyaan or the upcoming one Band Vaaje, he is the bridegroom in literally all of them. Probably the makers feel that this is a tried and tested formula for Binnu's films but is that really so?

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A man with a gigantic amount of talent resorting to films which either make him go blind during his wedding preps, get into an uncalled for situation before getting married, sometimes it is the girl with a different caste and now recent ones where he was given a darker skin tone which left him yearning for a happily married life and the forthcoming release which has him falling for a Pakistani girl? Why?

With the same character artists in supporting roles and some over the top dialogues and funny punches are making Binnu's films as lead, a 'we-ve seen this before- kind of content. The man had once confessed that he wants to play safe as he has burnt his fingers by making films like Bailaras and Dulla Bhatti but the question is, were both Bailaras and Dulla Bhatti his best films?

Failure doesn’t mean that you stop trying and go back to the same formula. Now that he is also a producer we seriously think that he should take up better projects which engage the audience in the subject. Hoping that he has the maturity to accept this message as a letter from his well-wishers.

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