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Attention Foodies! Don't Miss The Great Indian Royal Fest In Chandigarh By Neros From 1st-10th March!

By: Amrinder Singh | March 2, 2019

Recently opened Neros eatery and Bar, Sector 7 took pride in hosting the amazing, ‘Great Indian Royal Food Fest', an event marked to celebrate the authentic and rich taste of Royal Indian food.

This one of its kind food fest turned out to be a classic and exclusive demonstration of 19 really authentic Royal Indian recipes from the kitchens of elite and renowned royal Indian families. The support and contribution from some 17 Royal families helped to make this ground-breaking event, an absolutely authentic and huge success.

Some major and prestigious Royal families shared their families’ traditional recipes such as Rajkumar Hem Singh, Chamba (Khatta Cashni), Kanwarai Shyameshwari Kumari- Dhank (Chicken Ambiya), Kanwarani Shubadhra Kumari Rawal – Dodaicha (Bhunja Kala Masala ka Chicken), Rajkumar Jyotirmaya Sinhji Jadeja -Gondal (Rajwadi Dhokli), Maharani Raseshwari Rajya Laxmi- Jaisalmer (Maas Ka Sula), Princess Vijaya Singh-Jhabua (Keema Kebab), Kanwarani Shrutikirti Singh –Jasso (Tikha Murgh Angaar Tikka), Kanwarani Vibhawari Kumari   -   Kalukhera (Jungli Maas), Raja Rupendra Pal-Kutlehar (Madra), Maharaja Akshay Raj Judev - Maihar (Dahi aur Badaam ki Galouti), Rani Bhuvan Rana – Nepal {Aloo Sandheko (Pickle)} with the Chef, who in turn brought forth these dishes to the table, taking care of all the intricate details and specifications.

The exotic menu included all the tempting and mouthwatering flavors to give our taste-buds an absolute treat to relish for long.

Neros Eatery and Bar, which is an off-shoot of ‘Kutlehar Hospitality’ has taken this initiative to bring forth such a Food Fest because of its owner and MD, Shivendra Pal’s deep interest and passion for royal Indian cuisines. A recently launched property itself, Neros serves amazing multi-cuisine food, the recipes of which are absolutely authentic and relishing

Shivendra Pal, 22 who belongs to the erstwhile royal family of Kutlehar, Himachal Pradesh has a deep-rooted interest in Royal living and lineage. Sharing his journey from the food business industry to this exotic Royal Food Fest, Shivendra says, “This whole journey of bringing forth such a classic assortment of Royal dishes has been very overwhelming. I wanted to share the taste of royal culinary with the common people in its complete authenticity. That’s why I made a point to visit all these Royal families in person and get their traditional family recipes with complete details so that we are able to prepare and present these dishes in a conventional manner. We received a very welcoming response from all the Royal families whom I shared the Food Fest’s idea with and the success of the event speaks for itself."

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Vikrant Singh Parihar, Chef and the Business partner in Neros, had five years of experience in working with the Oberoi Group and for 10 years in Luxury Cruise liners in the United States as a Chef. Talking about his idea of the Fest he said, “We are very proud to be hosting such a Food Fest in Chandigarh, the idea of which is very new and exotic in its nature. Through this fest, we have been able to successfully bring under one platform dishes of 17 Royal families- a great delight for all the food lovers and epicures."

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