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According To Us, The Punjabi Trailer Of Total Dhamaal Was A Miserable Attempt!

By: Gurwinder | February 23, 2019

Indra Kumar's Total Dhamaal has been released and while the film is getting mixed reviews and some are saying that the movie is better than its trailer, there are also others who didn't think too highly about it.

But do you know that the makers also came out with a Punjabi version of its trailer? they are not going to release the same film in Punjabi, it was just the spoof of the original trailer but in the Punjabi language. But the Punjabi spoof failed to impress as the voices of the dubbing artists failed to do justice with that of Anil Kapoor, Ajay Devgan & Madhuri Dixit's voices (especially Madhuri's).

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Besides these, they used such an abusive language with very fake Punjabi accent .that it reminded us of the Hollywood films dubbed by Pakistanis. I am sure you are getting my point. Spoofs are meant to be funny, but this one is plain bad with no fun at all.

Makers also released Marathi and Gujarati spoof versions of Total Dhamaal but as Punjabis, we expected the Bollywood makers to do a better job than this piece of mockery.


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