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Simerjit Singh's Muklawa Will Now Clash At The Box Office With Karan Guliani's Next!

By: Prakriti | February 21, 2019

With so many movies coming in the year 2019, the makers should be prepared for box office clashes. The producers have tried their best to secure their dates way in advance, so much so that dates till 2020 have already been booked by some. Seems like the makers are working on a first come first serve basis. But with many unannounced big Bollywood movies, the Punjabi makers would ultimately be forced to shift dates and clashes at the Punjabi box office are sure to happen. Recently, the clash between Diljit’s Bollywood movie Arjun Patiala and Ammy Virk-Sonam Bajwa starrer Muklawa made headlines. The Punjabi makers had to adjust the dates and Muklawa was pushed to 24th May 2019 and Diljit’s Shadaa, which was to release on 24th May 2019 was further pushed to 21st June 2019.

This adjustment in time was a wise decision by the makers. But as we got to know the release date of Karaan Guliani's next titled Chandigarh- Amritsar-Chandigarh we saw a major clash yet again in the industry. Chandigarh- Amritsar–Chandigarh (CAC) was recently announced for release on 24th May 2019, the same date as Muklawa.

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We thought of asking Karan about this sudden decision and while talking to Ghaintpunjab, he shared, "I wasn’t aware of the recent shuffling of dates. I thought that Jagdeep’s Shadaa was coming on 24th May which was shifted to 21st June 2019. Being unaware of Muklawa's new release date, I thought that the date was vacant and we could use it for our movie.. Both the movies have a big star cast and if released on the same day, there surely will be a big clash at the box office. This shall affect the foot fall and the box office figures of both the movies. It is entirely in the hands of the producers and distributors who will take the final call. I hope that we avert this clash as being in the Punjabi film industry we all should support each other. I personally want to avoid such a clash."

The director further added, "With numerous movies coming in the year, there surely would be more box office clashes. But it is better to avoid them and give each movie a good opportunity to perform at the box office. We as Punjabi industry should stand together and understand each other. Each movie should get ample time in the theater.

Well, it is certainly a wise decision to reschedule the film as both these films, CAC and Muklawa, have A-listers in the lead and a clash would result in decreased theatrical footfall for sure and the opening figures will get majorly affected.

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After the 2017 release Sarvann, CAC is Karaan Guliani's comeback project. It was earlier titled Chandigarh Ambersar Chandigarh but now the titled Chandigarh Amritsar Chandigarh has been finalised. 

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