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Pulwama: Punjabi Industry Comes Forward To Help Bereaved Families Of The Martyrs

By: Prakriti | February 16, 2019

The nation is saddened by the recent terror attack on Indian CRPF in Pulwama. The nation is mourning the loss of these jawans who lost their lives in Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir. The loss of the families of these martyrs and the nation as a whole is irreplaceable. While many in the country are sitting in their comfort zone making hate comments or offering their 'expert' advice to the Indian Army, only a few are acting in this hour of need.

Not all but a few from the Punjabi industry have come forward to help the bereaved families of Pulwama attack martyrs.

Singer-actor Ammy Virk took the initiative to donate 2.5 lakh each to the families of four jawans. The amount sums up to be 10 lacs and does show his generosity. Ammy shared an instagram post saying, "Sat shri akaal ji.. Jehre saade veer shaheed hoye aa, ohna de parwaaraan nu main 10lakh rs den da faisla kita( 2,5 lakh each)... main ohna parwaaraan de puttraaan da ghaataa taan nai poora kar sakda, par jo main apne wallon kar sakda , main oh kar rea... umeed krda k tuc v apne wallon help karonge... waheguru mehar kare
Note: i hope koi negative comment nai aauga... eh ammount main saare veera ch v wand sakda c, but ammount bahut ghat ho jana c... bhullla chukka maaf kar deo... hope tuc help karonge taan aapa saare veera de parwaaraan di madad kar sakde aa...”

Singer-actor Ranjit Bawa has also taken the initiative to help the families who have lost their sons in this attack. The singer also announced a donation of 2.5 lac to each family and posted it on instagram inspiring  others to help these families. The post said, “Phulwama Attack Vich jinne v shaeed hoye ona sab nu Kot Kot parnam Ona pariwaran da ghata ko nahi poora kr skda But Main Apne wallon Ona apne Punjabi privaran Nu 2.50-2.50 lakh bhet krna chunda Mainu pata ene nal ona da dukh ghatna nhi na ona nu honsla vadna Bus eni k himmat bakhse waheguru es dukh Di Ghari vich shareek ho skiye Waheguru sarbat da bhala Jai Jawan"

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Pitaara Channel’s team also stepped forward to help the families in this hour. The team announced a contribution of 11 lacs to the bereaved families and inspired many others to do the same. The channel shared "Let’s Support the Martyrs. Our words of condolences might not be enough to pacify the pain and the aftermath the families are going through, who lost our heroes in the Pulwama terror attack but morally, physically and financially, as a nation, we must support the families as those heroes have been there for us 24*7. Team Pitaara has also decided to contribute a sum of 11 lakhs to the families of our Amar Jawans."

Rapper-singer and now actor Badshah also shared a screenshot in which we can see that he has paid 3 lac rupees to the fund that would go to the families of the martyred CRPF Jawans. He paid the amount through Paytm and encouraged others to do the same. He posted a message saying “What happened in Pulwama can neither be forgotten nor forgiven. But its time to let our soldiers know that we stand with them. Many of the shaheed jawaans have left their families without any earning sources. It is time to contribute and help their families, children and wives and parents. To show them that we all stand with them and assure them of a future full of opportunities. Please donate through various platforms available. Whatever amount you can. Remember, they protect us and keep us safe and they deserve every bit of help and support. Donate karo, contribute karo. JAI HIND."

Money can surely not pacify the pain of the families but it can surely help them in some way. It is great to see that the Punjabi industry is being generous enough at this hour and giving out such a great message to support the families of the martyrs. 

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