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Badshah Reveals Details About His Acting Debut, Why He Turned Down Previous Acting Offers, And More!

By: Prakriti | February 15, 2019

Badshah has recently been making headlines for stepping into the acting world with an upcoming Bollywood film. The man has already started shooting for his first movie as an actor. The DJ wale babu rapper will be seen in the yet untitled film by debutante director Shilpi Dasgupta. Opposite Badshah, we would watch actress Sonakshi Sinha playing a pivotal role in the movie. Also, actor Varun Sharma plays an important character in this upcoming movie.

Talking to GhaintPunjab, Badshah exclusively revealed a few details about his role and why he didn’t say yes to the previous big roles offered to him by Karan Johar. He also told us why he chose this particular project as his debut movie.

Here are the excerpts:

Badshah, tell us about your character in the film.

"I would be playing the role of a Punjabi singer-rapper in my debut movie. When this one was offered to me I was quite nervous, but at the same time was also intrigued by the role. The producers of the movie Bhushan and Mrigh were the ones who convinced me for the role and I said yes to this one."

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Why didn't you say yes to the earlier acting offers?

"Everyone knows by now that I was offered Lust Stories and Good News, but I had my own reasons for not taking up those projects. They would surely have been a great platform to start with but I couldn’t connect to the role and hence wasn’t confident enough.  But this one is more fun, right from the time I heard it first, I was excited about the character. Basically, I will be playing my own self on the screen, just that my character is more flamboyant. But I connect to the role and I am looking forward to this one."

Have you been taking any acting classes or workshops for your debut movie?

“At one point I thought that I should be joining a workshop, but my makers told me not to. They wanted my character to be as raw as possible. According to them, after attending these workshops one gets too polished and generic in their acting. I obeyed and hence I have started shooting without any acting classes."

You’ve started shooting already, how is it on the sets of the movie?

“Being a debutante, my director, my producer and especially Sonakshi have been very kind towards me. They make the environment so comfortable that I haven’t felt awkward at all and I am relishing this phase of my career."

You started the year 2019 by producing your first Punjabi movie all by yourself. Will Apra films take a back seat now that you're busy with acting?

“Of course not, we have received an amazing response for Do Dooni Panj. Now I am multi-tasking and have finalized a few scripts for the upcoming movies.  Apra films won’t take a back seat, just that I will be super active now."

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We are glad that this man is making his Bollywood acting debut. He has ruled the hearts of Bollywood with his amazing songs like Kar Gayi Chull, Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai, Proper Patola and many more. We hope that Aditya aka Badshah aces this new vertical as much as he's made us all groove. Wishing him all the best and stay tuned for more news about Apra Films' upcoming projects.

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