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Here's Your Weekly Horoscope - 7 January to 13 January 2019

By: Team | January 8, 2019

Weekly prediction is based on your ascendant sign. All the predictions are generalized in nature. If a person wants accurate and personalized predictions, a skilled astrologer must do a careful study, of the planetary positions in the horoscope.

Weekly Horoscope: 7 January to 13 January 2019


An unknown fear may grip your mind during this week. You might face certain problems at the beginning of the week at your workplace. The conditions will remain favourable for monetary gain. Be mindful of your speech in regular conversations. The profitable conditions will arise because of the support from your elder brothers. Your expenditure will be on a rise. Take care of your health. You shall receive good news on account of your offspring.


Your luck will not favor you during this week so all your works will progress very slowly. You might feel lazy because of which your work shall remain pending and that might make you feel stressed. You will remain stressed for one thing or the other throughout the week. Your health might bother you. There might be chances of getting a promotion in your existing job or a new job itself. Your life partner will support you unconditionally. There will be chances of travel.


Those in a job may get additional work responsibilities this week. Your fame and prestige will increase in society. There might be problems in your married life. The business people might have to suffer certain losses so they need to be vigilant. Your words may hurt somebody so you need to be mindful of your speech. You might set out on an international journey.  


The week might begin with some tensions. Those in a job may face some problems on account of their boss and those in business may face challenges in their trade. You might have to make considerable efforts to keep your marital life smooth. You might remain worried about your health. You might get bothered by headaches. There might be sudden monetary gain. You might get a new job offer.


You might suffer from headaches during the week so you need to be careful about your health. You might have to spend on unnecessary items. Your luck will not be very favourable. The conditions will be good at work and your efforts will bear fruit. Drive any kind of vehicle carefully as there are chances of getting injured. There are possibilities of small monetary gain.


The students will have to face problems during the beginning of the week in their field of study.  You might face a health-related issue and may have to spend money on that. You might face problems on account of your offspring even though your strong luck will support you in many ways. You might have to face obstacles in property related matters. Take care of your mother’s health.  


You might get your pending money during this week as a result of which our financial condition will improve. You will get fame and recognition in your social sphere. You might experience some decline in your experience of routine pleasures. Take special care of your mother as she might face certain difficulties. You might have to resolve a few problems at the workplace at the beginning of the week. Take good care of your health.


This week shall bring a good time for your health and love affair. Those in a job should not get into an argument with their higher authorities else, you might land up in problems. You might get stressed because of negative thoughts so stay away from them. Money wise, you will be just fine. Stay away from the consumption of any kind of addictive substance. Those who are in the professions related to education will get success in their endeavors.


This can be an especially fruitful week for those who are in the field of teaching, writing or lecturing. In these fields, people can gain fame and recognition on account of their valor and abilities. You might get some pain on account of your father. Your brother’s support might give an impetus to your pending assignments. Your monetary condition will be stable. It will be good for you to pay attention to your health as well as your speech.


You will get good opportunities for making money during this week. You will work hard in your field and get success.  Your health may deteriorate so take extra care of your health and be vigilant as there are chances of injuries while driving any vehicle. You might have to face obstacles in the matters related to the government. Your life partner’s health may also dwindle a bit. It will be a stable week for those who are in a job.  


This shall be a week of all kinds of enhanced pleasures. Those in a job will get good working conditions. You might remain worried about the inflow of money and there might be persistent tension about an issue. Maintain cordial relations with your colleagues at work place. You might have to undertake journeys, which might be painful. There are chances of physical discomfort.  


Those in a job may have to face some tensions because of their higher authorities. Your colleagues will not help you in a generous way. Your father might have to suffer some discomfort and somebody may try to humiliate you. You might have to face some problem on account of your offspring. The students will have to put in an extra effort. Stay away from any plans of investment or from taking any major decisions during the beginning of the week. 

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