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Our Top 10 Punjabi Music Picks For December 2018, Get Your Party Shoes On!

By: Shreya Narang | December 11, 2018

2018 has been a long year, and now that you’re in the last month of 2018 all ready to party hard on Christmas and New Year, we know you will need us to help you out with your playlist. Whether you’re planning to host a house party or a dance night, we’ve picked up the latest Punjabi songs for all your requirements!

Here’s a list of songs your December Playlist must have-

1. Sakhiyan by Maninder Buttar

This song has to be on the top of everyone’s playlist right now because it is beautifully sung and the lyrics are heart-touching. We’re sure you’ve already replayed it many times but just feels like we cannot get enough of this one, right?

2. Putt Jatt Da by Diljit

Released in October this year, this song is one of the best things Diljit has ever made. It's video is very attractive and the beats can feed every Punjabi’s soul.

3. Sip Sip by Jasmine Sandlas

The perfect female party song by Jasmine Sandlas was released 5 months back and makes all girls feel confident.

4. Prada by Jass Manak

Written, composed and sung by Jass Manak this song became the official snapchat story song for the entire Punjabi youth.

5. Chandigarh By Sippy Gill

If you're one of those who loves Chandigarh and it's Geri route, then this song will already be on your list of favourites. Not just the lyrics but the feel of the song is totally rocking.

6. Jind Mahi by Diljit Dosanjh

Jind Mahi is the latest song by Diljit and as usual, we are wooed by his exceptional beats and songs. This song has been our morning song since the day it was uploaded!

7. Yeah Baby by Garry Sandhu

This song is what we call ‘Perfect fusion’. It has Afghani tones, Garry’s lyrics and beautiful girls in its video! What else could we ask for?

8. Daru Band by Mankirat Aulakh ft. Rupan Bal

Hardly do we ever hear songs saying no to alcohol, the main protagonist in this song is saying exactly that. The song is soothing, and lyrics cheesy.

9. Picka By Dilpreet Dhillon

Not only does it make you groove, it also raises the adrenaline levels in the body. This party song is one of the best singles by Dilpreet Dhillon so far.

10. Do Gallan by Garry Sandhu

If there’s one thing about Punjabi language it is its sweetness and romance. Garry Sandhu has outdone himself this time, by creating a romantic slow song that can make any couple cry!

We hope you love our playlist and play it on your Christmas or new year party.

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