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Nooran Sisters' Father Makes A Shocking Revelation About His Son's Mother In Law!

By: News Desk | March 22, 2018

In a recent press conference Nooran Sisters' father, Ustad Gulshan Mir, accused his son's mother in law of bad behavior. 

As reported by livingindianews, Ustad Gulshan Mir said that his son's mother in law stayed at their home for many days all together. Not only this, he also accused her of making sexual advancements towards him. Apart from this, he revealed that when he called for an agreement at the police station, the girl's family bashed his son and even tore off his clothes.

When he tried to save his son, they attacked him too.

On the other hand, Noor Sisters' brother Sahil Mir also made accusations against his mother in law . He said that merely three years after his marriage, his in laws have started making serious allegations against him for seeking dowry. He also said that he was under death threat by his in laws.

In February 2018, the Nooran Sisters - Sultana and Jyoti Nooran, who are a popular Sufi duo, hailing from the Sham Chaurasia gharana of music, had been accused of demanding dowry from their sister in law. According to sources, a case had been registered against them on the complaint of their sister in law.

Nooran Sisters' brother got married in the year 2015 to a girl named Beerbaksh. According to Beerbaksh, the brother sister trio has been harrassing her for dowry ever since. She was even thrown out of her home byt hem.

After allegations made by the victim, the court had summoned Nooran Sisters and their families on April 19.

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