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Week 50 : Here's The Updated List Of Top 5 Punjabi Channels This Week!

By: Gurleen | December 23, 2017

The fresh list of BARC data for top 5 Punjabi channels for week 50 is here and let's take a look at the gainers and losers.

The top spot is with PTC Punjabi but the channel has lost on impressions this week. It was at 86 million impressions last week but this week it has gathered 81 million impressions. 

The second spot is again with DD Punjabi this week. It has gained impressions from 38 million last week to 39 million this week.

The third spot is Chardikla Time TV with 34 million impressions. The channel was at number 4 last week with 32 million impressions but has gained this week.

The fourth spot is with MH One Music with 32 million impressions. Last week, this channel was at the third spot with 36 million impressions.

The fifth spot is with Manoranjan Movies with 27 million impressions. This channel has been a loser this week as the impressions have fallen from 32 million (last week) to 27 million (this week).

The top 5 Punjabi programs are all by DD Punjabi. The shows include 'Surtaal', 'Sur Samrat', Hai Shawa', 'Ruh Punjab Di' and 'Chankaar'.

Check out the full table HERE

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