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Humanity Gesture : Babbu Maan Offers Coffee To On Duty Police Personnel

By: Hamraj | January 18, 2017

Babbu Maan is one guy who does what pleases him and it could either be public bashing of a fellow Punjabi singer or simply offering a hot cup of coffee someone on a cold night.

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While driving back to Mohali from Chandigarh, Babbu Maan was stopped at a check point in 3B2 Mohali. Police officials, on seeing  Babbu Maan, got elated. At first, when Babbu rolled down his window siting at the driver's seat, the personnel failed to recognise him but when he did, Babbu laughed and offered his car for thorough checking.

"Ki haal hai babeyo..ehni thand vich khade ho..aa to tuhadi sewa hee hai, loki apne gharch bethe hn te tusi khade duty de rhe ho," said Maan. (How are you friends. You're standing here amidst such cold weather serving people while they rest at their houses comfortably.)

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After checking Babbu bid adieu but came back with steaming cups of coffee for all the officers on duty at that checkpoint. After sipping hot coffee with the police walas, he stood around till all of them clicked individual pictures with their humanity driver Punjabi singer.

Hats Off to Babbu Maan for this gesture!


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