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Surkhi Bindi


Surkhi Bindi, the freshly released Punjabi movie starring Sargun Mehta and Gurnaam Bhullar revolves around the story of a girl based in rural Punjab who grows up with a dream in her eyes to fly to Canada one day and that too after getting married to an NRI groom. A make up artist by profession this girl falls prey to an immigration agents' unjust way of sending people overseas and loses her job due to this. More trouble comes her way when her family finds out about this and in no time she is married off to a factory worker who earns 10000 as his monthly wage. With unfulfilled dreams in her eyes, this young girl keeps cursing her destiny and feels jealous of her friends who, she thinks, are better off than her. Soon she falls for the man she's married to, who further understands her ambitions and thus does all that he can to make her dreams come true. 

Release Date: 30 August 2019

Director: Jagdeep Sidhu

Writer: Rupinder Inderjit 

Producers: Ankit Vijan, Navdeep Narula, Gurjit Singh and Santosh Subhash Thite

Review: Often we have high expectations from the actors and directors who've delivered some path-breaking projects therefore, our expectations from Sargun Mehta and Jagdeep Sidhu both, were sky-high. Surkhi Bindi wasn't one of those films that got us excited but we did think that probably there's something in the trailer that's making it weak and the film would be good. 

Sadly, we were wrong. The film is an exaggerated attempt to show the plight of a rural Punjabi girl with high ambitions and aspirations. She yearns to fly to Canada but the financial crunch keeps her where she is and on top of that, she even loses her job and gets married to a man she just doesn't think deserves her. All this and subplots where the husband's sister is seen facing gruesome domestic violence and the family is also shown to have a gambler, which is again a climax creator. 

Till the interval, the film goes nowhere, as in, all that we see is Sargun trying too hard to sound rural with these heavy words but fails miserably. The story also seems to be standing right there and the supporting cast is as weak as can be. For instance, in the opening scene itself, the bride is seen laughing when Sargun is throwing powder and water at her face! (I mean cummon) and then the atro chatro..way too loud and made up. 

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After the interval, the story picks up and one feels a little connected to the characters but all through, the emotions just don't build up. The background score by Sandeep Saxena tries too hard to made the viewer fall for the chemistry of the lead pair but's only Gurnaam that stands out and nothing else works. Actors Sukhwinder Raj, Nisha Bano, Rupinder Rupi and Sameep Singh have given great performances and one does get involved with their characters but soon it fades away when the lead pair emotes the unnatural chemistry onscreen. 

Director Jagdeep Sidhu has not been able to bring out the best in his actors at least not in Surkhi Bindi. The story takes unnecessary turns and the makeup and Canada 'jana' thing are way too repetitive, that it bored us. To add up to the whole boredom, the contest with fake Hindi and English accented staff and anchor do their bit. Neeru's presence was completely wasted and the end was way too dragged. 

In the end, all I can say is that I'd rather watch some great make up videos on Instagram than watch Surkhi Bindi as this one had nothing but boriyat to offer. 

Verdict: Incomplete subplots and weak direction made Surkhi Bindi an oh-so-boring film! 

Rating: 1.5/5 (Don't waste your money)

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