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Singham Punjabi


Release Date: 9 August 2019

Starcast: Parmish Verma, Sonam Bajwa, Kartar Cheema, Deep Joshi, Hardeep Gill, Anita Devgn, and more

Producer: Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Kumar Mangat Pathak & Abhishek Pathak 

Director: Navaniat Singh

Synopsis: Singham Punjabi is the story of a boy from Singham Khurd who becomes the DSP in Punjab Police and is posted in his native village until one day he confronts a land mining mafia for a case. His gets transferred to the police station in Amritsar which is also the jurisdiction of the land mining mafia and what follows is a series of confrontations, unfolding of new chapters from the FIR files and also a romantic sequence. Finally, the good wins over the bad and the film comes to an end but the story is left on a continuation note. 

Review: From the opening scene of police training and oath-taking ceremony, one can sense that the makers are trying to create an impact with Parmish's turbaned look but till the last moment of the film, this does not work for the film either. 

One cannot compare this version to the original, actually one dare not because this one was so weak that it is a shame to have made it this way. The epic original is still fresh in our minds and the Punjabi version has not even lasted a few minutes. 

From performances to dialogues, action, screenplay, script, direction and literally everything, it seems that the makers took this film too lightly and did not bother at working on any aspect with determination, thus leading to output that is so shabby. 

Talking about performances, Parmish Verma's act is so terrible that it made us wonder what the makers were thinking when they cast him. Couldn't they see what the man is doing throughout the shoot? Did no one realize that he was not the best choice for this role?? Guess no one really did because the man has been such a turn off that he pushed the film into a dungeon so dark that we couldn't see anything else but his miserable onscreen role play. Left us in jitters as to how one can be so bad even in his third film! 

Sonam Bajwa was not looking like her usual self in this film. Her pairing with Parmish wasn't very pleasing to watch and the diva had no shine that could make her stand out in this film. Also, the silly character was speaking to the village aunty in English and otherwise throughout the film, we couldn't see her speaking in English. Kmaal hai! 

Kartar Cheema was given a grey hair look and the character was seen singing Hindi songs when confronting the DSP, who in turn insulted him every time.  Oh, why couldn't he just be a young man with black hair? Why could he not sing Punjabi songs? What kind of Punjabi land mafia acts so dumb to have himself insulted every time? A land mafia with weapons that are just not available every time he needs them to save himself? Wah! 

The others were just used for the sake of it and ya the songs too were a pain to watch..made no sense in the film, even the reprised version of Kalli Kithe Mil was a big disappointment. 

The only actor who managed to stand out in this bizarre presentation was Deep Joshi who stood strong with this act. Good work! 

Navaniat Singh's direction and Dheeraj Ratan's story and screenplay were both messed up, so much so that we couldn't believe that the film was helmed by the same man who had made a masterpiece like Shareek and was scripted by the man who has given this industry some of the finest films. 

The action was cheap and the VFX were too noticeable, even the chroma was badly done. The tables and chairs that were broken throughout the film were so fake and filmy. 

Lastly, The DSP was shown sulking twice in the film and the last segment had his team pull him back into action to atleast clear the case that he had been following else they'de be left hanging midways. So, what if the team didn't stop him from collecting his trophies and moving on to Patiala? Would he have killed the villain?? Why did it take the kidnappers so long to leave the bus stand though they had been on the go since morning?? Why did Singham fight the men at the bus stop alone when he had a team? Why did he carry the kid on his shoulders when the kid was wide awake and how was the kid even hanging on to his back??? All  this and much more...baiji this film was too much to handle! 

Verdict: An awful remake, Singham Punjabi is a big-time miss and thanks to Parmish Verma's terrible acting, it got even worse! 

Rating: 0.5/5 (Avoid wasting your money)


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