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Munda Hi Chahida


Release Date: 12 July 2019

Starcast: Rubina Bajwa, Harish Verma, Rahul Jungral, Jatinder Kaur, Ravinder Mand, Pawan Johal, Rupinder Rupi and more.

Producer: Neeru Bajwa, Ankit Vijan, Navdeep Narula, Gurjit Singh, Santosh Subhash Thite

Director: Santosh Subhash Thite, Deepak Thaper

Synopsis: Munda Hi Chahida revolves around a lower-middle-class family where only one man is providing for the whole family. The members include a grandmother, her son who has four daughters and a son named Dharmendra, the only male child of the family. Dharmendra is married to Rani and the couple has 2 daughters. The grandmother's obsession with a male child leads to frustration in Dharmendra which makes him irritable all the time. A friend of his leads him to a baba and things start changing for good. This baba advises him to perform a rather unheard of totka and what happens next is for you to watch. 

Review: We have generally observed that makers try to use social messages in a way that is commercially viable to them. Some of the releases in the last 2 years have been quite a misrepresentation of social issues, making those films nothing but a pain to watch. When the trailer of Munda Hi Chahida got released, we assumed that the team must have made a preachy film on the subject of male child obsession in our society and we weren't even sure about the cast of this film, whether these actors are the perfect choice for such roles. But our doubts were happily settled after we watched this presentation. 

Munda Hi Chahida deals with a very important subject in our society. It is an obsession that has led to infanticide, divorces, and in some cases has even lead to deaths in the family. Such subjects are not meant to be dealt with amateurishly. This team has, very sensitively, brushed upon many different aspects and enlightened our minds with the message that the film delivered. 

The story and direction by Santosh Thite have won over us and we're glad to welcome him in Punjabi industry as the new Director with a promising vision. Thanks to the beautifully crafted screenplay by Santosh and Deep Jagdeep Jaedy, the film, at no point, fell weak and kept us glued to our seats for more coming our way. We did expect a few things while watching ke hun eda hou but nope, it turned out to be a surprising tale of twists. 

Even the dialogues by Deep Jagdeep Jaedy were quirky and thought-provoking. Unlike many repetitive phrases that we keep hearing in nearly all the films, this film's characters had something new to deliver. The funny parts by Pappi, Rupinder Rupi, and Ravinder Mand were laughable but not silly, the overall conversation between characters was interesting and not unwantedly stretched. 

Talking about the actors, lead actor Harish Verma did a fab job as Dharmendra, a man who is the only earning member of the family and has to bear the burden of everything at home and office. He looks every bit of his character's self and emotes even better. His transition from an irritable man to a fellow with new hope is pleasing and then further to an obsessed father of a male child is alarming. He's done his bit extremely well. The only place where we thought he overdid was his teary self when he opens the baba's door to say that things have gone wrong! (thoda zyada glycerine pegya si lagda)

Rubina Bajwa was a perfect choice for this role. Her innocent looks added up to her character's positives and she didn't overdo her pregnant woman bit at all. Her longing for her loving husband was an emotion that one can relate to, in a family that's tormented by the absence of a boy, so much so that one of their girl members is not allowed to keep long hair or wear a suit just to knowingly deceive themselves that she's a boy. 

Raj Dhaliwal and Rahul Jungral, both have very important characters to play. Raj, throughout the film, is not convinced that Dharmendra's intentions are women-friendly, and Rahul, the babaji, in the most subtle manner, convince many that his astrological advice is the best to follow and benefit from. Both these actors have done great work and it was a pleasure to watch their acts. 

The actors who played the father and jija were praiseworthy as their roles remained with us after the film ended. 

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The only negative in the film was the animated babies which suddenly changed the whole feel of it to fiction. 

Music: The music of this film isn't that impressive. Even the folk song by Sarabjit Cheema had a rather weird sound to it which made us cringe. Only the Jordan Sandhu song was comparatively enjoyable. 

Verdict: Such films are a rare watch so you must not miss out on this one. A family entertainer, Munda Hi Chahida ought to be on your watchlist this weekend. 

Rating: 4/5 (Well intended social drama)

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