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Kaake Da Viyah


Release Date: 1 February 2019

Starcast: Jordan Sandhu, Prabhjot Grewal, Priti Sapru, Nirmal Rishi, Karamjit Anmol, Gurmeet Saajan, Harby Sangha, Arun Bali, Malkit Rauni, Akshita Sharma, Prince Kanwaljit & Babbar Dhanjal

Produced & Directed by Rai Yuvraj Bains

Synopsis: The movie Kaake Da Viyah is based on a family drama where Nirmal Rishi and Preeti Sapru are seen as the Saas and Nooh. Both these ladies have their differences due to a reason which also acts as a social message of this film. Amidst this war, they want their ghar da chirag played by Jordan Sandhu to get married to the girl of their choice. Nirmal Rishi being the grandmother has her own choices and Preeti Sapru as the mother has her own. But Jordan, on the other hand, falls in love with a tomboyish girl from his college. Not having the guts to communicate his feelings to his mother and grandmother, Jordan lands himself in trouble. The ladies get the house all decked up for their Kaake da Viyah and the day when the D-day arrives, Kaaka is absent from his home. What happens next is what you should watch in the theatres.

Review: Kaake Da Viyah is simple, don't expect-anything-from-me kinda film. Nor have the makers boasted big things about the film neither has the starcast gone over the top saying that the film will be a one of its kind. Yes, the film is weak infact it is very weak because it just does not excite you throughout. The first half of the film is all about Nirmal Rishi and Preeti Sapru's fight and the second half is about getting Jordan married. The side characters played by various well-known faces of the industry, have managed to dash just a bit of comedy on this flavorless dish but still, the film does not do anything good for the viewer. 

As a debutante lead, Jordan has not been given such a pivotal character where he could be of good use. He is just like a side actor the Nirmal Rishi-Preeti Sapru lead, which makes his performance go unnoticed. At times, he does go way too informal as a lead actor on screen, probably because obviously the man isn't a trained actor and has also not been given any acting workshops before the film's shoot started. Also, the relevance of his dreams in the film was also not clear.

Prabhjot Grewal has marked her entry into the film circle with this film and though the first half makes you cringe over her desi accent and bad hairstyles, by the second half you accept the fact that the girl is shown to be from a theth Punjabi background and that's how the theth Punjabans speak. Also, she looks better in the second half too. She should try and wear more suits than western outfits onscreen. As an actor, she was an average performer but for sure the 'laado' thing didn't work for us.

Nirmal Rishi and Preeti Sapru clearly steal the show. The performance of both these ladies is the only thing that makes you sit through the film because it somehow amuses you. The reason for their fight also makes you subtly understand the effect of going wrong in the hay days and the suffering it gets with it throughout one's life. One wrong move and that's it! Preeti Sapru's non-Punjabi accent is justified when the mother in law says that my song married a Jammu based girl without my consent. 

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One also sees Akshita, Harby Sangha, Karamjit Anmol, and Prince KJ in the film but none of them stand out. Karamjit Anmol is yet again not at his acting best in the film and Harby goes over the top. 

The film is not even a comedy and left us wondering what the director was thinking while making it. What was the motive of this film because it wasn't really clear. Was it entertainment only?? But it failed miserably in this department. Was it to deliver a social message? Yes, it did whisper the social message. Was it a comedy? Nope, not this one for sure. Was it a family drama? With the kind of language that the ladies are using for each other, the kids should definitely not be allowed to see this drama. Samajh jeha ni aya yaar!

Music: The film had some great music. The songs were foot tapping and proved to be a mood uplifter.  

Verdict: Kaake Da Viyah should be an option only if you're dying to see this film else this one can be completely off your watchlist.

Rating: 2/5 (A film with no fuzz)





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