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Release Date: 22, June 2018

Starcast: Rana Ranbir, Rupinder Ruppi, Neha Pawar, Pradeep Sran, Kuljinder Sidhu

Produced by: Lovepreet Sandhu, Baldev Bath & Rana Ranbir

Directed By: Rana Ranbir

Written By: Rana Ranbir

Storyline: Asees is about a son's love for his mother and the extent to which he can go to fulfill his mother's desires.

Review: Asees stands true to it's title and has come as a blessing in disguise for those cinema lovers who are tired of seeing the same kind of period drama and comedy that Punjabi industry has been offering since long. Though the film has no A-lister but it stands as a pleasant watch because of it's well knitted screenplay and some true to life performances by the cast of the film. 

The story is basically about a mother who has 5 children and Asees (Rana Ranbir) is the one who is closest to her because of the deep rooted affection he has for his mother (Rupinder Ruppi). The other 4 include 3 brothers and a sister, who are well settled and their only connection with their mother is her property. The village panchayat settle the property dispute amongst all 5 and give the mother-son duo a petty chunk of land, at a condition that the mother gets signed in the name of Asees. 

Post interval, another aspect of the same story gets introduced and it takes the story forward, but the element of surprise is kept intact. 

Two actors who deserve a standing ovation are Rana Ranbir and Rupinder Ruppi for their tremendous performances. Not for once were they any less believable onscreen. Credits should also be given to Kuljinder Sidhu and Neha Pawar for their well done acts. Debutante Pradeep Sran was surprisingly good in the film too. 

As a matter of fact, the casting director of the film needs to given a pat on the back for picking up just the right actors for the respective characters in the film.

Asees has some wonderful songs which go with the flow and the background score by Salil Amrute gives the screenplay it's much needed essence. 

For those who want to show their kids some good family drama that is not filmy or preachy but yet leaves an impact on the mind, then Asees is a film for you. 

Negatives: I didn't really get time to notice any negatives thanks to the wonderful connect throughout the film. 

Verdict: Rana Ranbir has aced it in his debut directorial  and this Asees is not to be missed. 

Rating: 4/5

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