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Sat Shri Akaal England


Some movies have a vibe that they will not be blockbusters and Sat Shri Akaal England happened to be one of those. After watching the trailer we weren't too sure of what to expect from the film but being 2017's last Pollywood release, we thought that we'd be writing a fairly average review if not a good one but OMG, this film was so bad that even writing a review for it is seemingly a waste of time for me..but I got to save your money cs I couldn't save mine! 

Starcast And Storyline

Starring Ammy Virk and Monica Gill in lead roles, Sat Shri Akaal England is a disastrous cheat of Akshay and Katrina starrer Namaste London. Seeing Katrina's accent in the original, the makers might have thought that Monica's pharan angrezi would suit her character int he movie but guess was a complete fail. The moment she starts her dialogues in the overseas accent, the film loses marks. 

This film is about an aspiring immigrant named Major German Singh Maan who gets into a contract marriage with Geet Kahlon. Geet comes over to Punjab for the marriage and the first half is all about this sequence. Post interval the senseless storyline keept going on a nerve wrecking pace leaving us in yawns and also a major guilt s to why we chose to watch this film over Fukrey Returns. 

Worst Part About Sat Shri Akaal England 

The worst part of the movie is watching line production unit playing characters in the film. It will be so much better to see actors doing their bit rather than substitutes filling their place. Probably it's another way of saving the production cost.

The camera work was a disaster and at many points in the film, Ammy's face was totally covered in shadows making us wonder about the calibre of the cameraperson as well as the director. Being a debut director Vikram Pradhan has totally been unimpressive in bringing out the best from his actors as well as his technical team. 

Talking about the music, the songs are okay but zabardasti de..they weren't quite needed in the film. The comedy (jinni vi si) was so substandard that it made us wonder as to why the actors are even trying this?? The only one who made us laugh was Boota Singh and his company called Visa Jhatt Deni.

Final Verdict

In total, Sat Shri Akaal England, so far, is Ammy Virk's worst film since Angrej and we pity him for this choice. He was the only one who kept us seated till the end. Another credit should be given to officer Brenda Singh, who played her part well. But alas! even these two couldn't save the soul of this badly made beswaadi bimaran wali khichdi

Sat Shri Akaal England Review : Totally avoidable

Sat Shri Akaal England Rating - 0.5/5

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