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Krazzy Tabbar Movie Review : An Unexpected Package Of Family Entertainment! 

Ajay Chandok's 'Krazzy Tabbar', though had me a little skeptical about the outcome but turned out to be an entertaining film. Based on the story of two contrasting families, this one is a truthful portrayal of circumstances that arise when rural families try to get in cohesion with urban families and that too of different religions. 

Director - Ajay Chandok

Starcast - Yograj Singh, Harish Verma, Shivendar Mahal, Hobby Dhaliwal, BN Sharma, Jaswinder Bhalla Nirmal Rishi, Priyanka Mehta and more

This review is a little late because I watched Krazzy Tabbar on Sunday evening (obviously because I wasn't prompted to watch it on the opening day). But was I not surprised! 

The movie started off with Yograj Singh bashing some fellows and the same went on with Harish (Bittu). This was to establish that this onscreen father-son duo was against injustice and stood for the right thing. The director smartly introduced the mother (Nirmal Rishi) and Mamaji (BN Sharma) along with a manipulative Punjab police officer Bhullar (Jaswinder Bhalla). 

As the movie went on, Priyanka Mehta stepped into the scene as Soumya Sharma, a city based girl born to an architect father (Shivendar Mahal) and a homemaker mother. Things move forward and Bittu falls in love with Soumya and that's what leads to their families meeting up for their marital alliance. 

This is where the actual fun starts. I could hear the audi roaring with laughter at some scenes. Both the families hail from varied backgrounds and everytime they meet up, a thing or two happens, that makes the audience laugh. 

A light hearted Punjabi movie with some good music is what Krazzy Tabbar is. The actors have performed well but I am not very sure about Priyanka bagging more projects in this industry. 

You could watch it if you're looking for some light hearted entertainment for your kids over this week.

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