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Challa Mud Ke Nahi Aaya


Directed by :  Amrinder Gill
Written by : Amberdeep Singh
Starring: Amrinder Gill, Sargun Mehta, Sydney Eberwein, Binnu Dhillon, Karamjit Anmol, Raj Kakra and others. 

Background Score: Lowkey 

Lyrics: Raj Kakra, Bir Singh, Hardeep Singh Mann

Music : Lowkey

Finally, ‘Challa Mud Ke Nahi Aaya’ has hit the theatres and I had to face a lot of difficulty while getting the tickets. The theatre had a lot of bubbly energy and noise for the film. And why not? Fans always have high expectations for Amrinder’s movies as he does very less films in a year and ‘Challa Mud Ke Nahi Aaya’ becomes even more special as it starts the historical journey of Amrinder being a director.

But how did I like the movie, go ahead to read my review!


The film is set in the backdrop of two places. One is set in the backward village of Punjab and another one is based out in Canada. The film shows the story and journey of both the places and that a man has to actually leave the house to move abroad to earn livelihood. As the dialogue goes, 'ghar di chhat paun de layi gharon bahar paer kaddna hi painda ae' .It is when one is forced to feel hanji…right…what a dialogue! what a picturisation!


The first half of the film is really fast.

We burst out laughing throughout the film, especially in the first 45 minutes. Initially, audience is served with Amrinder Gill and Binnu Dhillon dose followed by some really hilarious events and you fall in love with their journey.

Then, Amrinder Gill (Challa) reaches abroad where he has a different journey altogether. In a totally different world abroad, he’s a happy go lucky guy who chills around and doesn’t miss his hometown at all. He is forced to work for money. He joins several others abroad and faces several issues white settling. We also get to see the journey of 7-8 more people including Karamjit Anmol and Raj Kakra.

In the end, if Challa actually returns or not is for you to watch because the end is really beautiful which ends on a positive note.

In this family-entertainer, it is worth-mentioning that film has no use of foul language. It has a qualitative and healthy comedy. Some of the jokes, impromptu dialogues and one liner were so funny that I couldn’t resist laughing hysterically.

Being Amberdeep’s speciality in story-telling, he engages audience through several sub-plots in a single story. Through these sub-plots, he tries to give message to the audience and entertains them, thus, making it a full-fledged story.

One of the sub-plots, narrates the story of women who used to carry veil and cute innocent stories attached with them is there to entertain you.

We see Sargun Mehta as well in the film but unfortunately, she doesn’t have enough role in the film. After the interval, she has a small part to play but I am glad to see Amrinder and Sargun back on the screen after such a long time.

The character of ‘Bella’ was really cute. She has an admirable, heart-touching and relatable personality. We generally get to see how foreign girls fall in love with a Punjabi guy and learn Punjabi. So, those cute things like learning uda aida is super fun to watch.

The chemistry and story shared by Challa and Bella is really a good watch.

Though, the entire film revolves around Challa still I would really want to make a special mention about the innocence on Amrinder’s face which he carries out in all his films. The cute characters and jokes cracked by him touches your heart.

The film has an average background score but the entire film is shot on a huge level to give it a Hollywoodish cinematic view in which Amrinder actually succeeds.  


There are certain points in the film which I think could have been worked upon to make this film a better watch. The subplots could’ve been crisper, polish and complete. Meanwhile, everyone carried the ‘majha’ dialect like andeya…jandeya…Sargun carried an urban Punjabi. So, the same dialect should have been spoken by her.


It’s an entertaining film which leaves you with a message and one is actually forced to think about the change that has happened over the years. Overall, definitely it’s a must watch as there is no other upcoming Punjabi film coming for next two weekends waiting for you. So, surely, it’s a thumbs up from my side.

Rating: 3/5

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