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Shareek 2


Release Date: 8th July 2022

Star cast: Jimmy Sheirgill, Dev Kharoud, Sharan Kaur, Yograj Singh, Mukul Dev, Aman Sutardhar, Mahavir Bhullar, Amar Noorie, Sunita Dhir, Anita Meet and others

Directed by: Navaniat Singh

Producer: Vivek Ohri, Gunbir Singh Sidhu, Manmord Sidhu Sidhu, Daljit Singh Thind

Written by: Inderpal Singh

Background score: Kevin Roy

Storyline: The story revolves around the life of two men, one justified by the society and the other that came as a responsibility bestowed upon the man who was out to get his brother married and settle in life.

Finally! Finally! I have watched the much awaited, ‘Shareek 2’ and before starting the review, let me tell you, my first reaction after watching the film was, ‘Yaar….What a movie!!!!’ I mean after a very long time I saw an actual ‘Punjabi film’ in the Punjabi cinema. I watched the entire film with goosebumps.

Throughout the film, performances of all the characters were top-notch but still let’s dive into the detailed review to know what actually made me say that. So, let’s get started!


Jimmy Sheirgill, plays Jassa Randhawa who studies abroad and takes care of certain things in his homeground as he has to return after his father’s demise (played by Yograh Singh) which we saw in the trailer also.

Dev Kharoud enters in the story before Jimmy in a typical Robinhood style whose partial face is covered and it was equally strong for me.

Teaming up with the lady love, very pretty is Sharan Kaur. She is a relatively new face for the Punjabi audience but she has a strong character who takes the story further. Her character is not just adding glamour to the story.

Rather the story is knit around this woman and all other women in the film starting with Amar Noorie, Sunita Dhir and then comes this new entrant, Sharan Kaur. These three women bring new twist and turns till the end of the film and let me tell you, you are not expecting the surprise element in the film.

Though all the performances are really fantastic and written well. But still I would like to say that it was Mukul Dev who simply blew my mind. He came back in the Punjabi cinema and what a comeback!

As a matter of fact, with well-written characters, none of these make you feel that they are acting as a support to the leading characters as we usually see in most of the Punjabi films.


Navaniat Singh, the director has done his job really well. He extracted characters well from the actors which were not treated as superstars with little adjustments here and there. The actors were convincing enough to bring that connect. It rather made us feel that they are living their real life.


For me, honestly the film had an average music. I really can’t think of any song which I am actually humming but yes, in a scene where Dev Kharoud makes an entry in a Holi scene, I really missed Sidhu Moosewala’s voice. I mean if it was Sidhu’s song, it would have gone to some other level. So, it did not go to that level. There was only one love song which I liked.

On the other hand, background score is. Neither it overpowered the film nor it distracted me. Sudden effects were okay not good though!  


Written by Inderpal Singh, this film is really written well. The story has no relevance to the original one but all the characters in this starry story are very well planted. None of the characters required any push from other characters. All the characters were powerful, strong and complete.


So, talking about the overall film, talking about the overall film, it has a really different feel as oppose to most of the other ‘typical’ Punjabi films. This film had cinema, a story which was woven well around the characters, spoken well and presented with a good screenplay. Many a times I was clapping, like waah yaar kya zabardast film ae. Editing was quite crisp. Locations are really used well. The light effects used in the film amplifies the high intensity drama.

The only negatives which I found was the emotional build up which was missing between the two characters. I mean, I couldn’t really feel an emotion of anger, sadness or love in the film. A slight dubbing issue was also noticeable in the beginning of the film but I think all this can be ignored with such powerhouses of talents in the film.

No comparisons shall be made with the original ‘Shareek’. Story of both the films are poles apart. Yes, the title has surely been used by the makers in order to reap the benefits of an already hit movie.

Definitely, I recommend you to watch this one this weekend because you really can’t miss such an amazing film.

Rating: 5/5

So, this was my review. Now watch for yourself and do let us know in the comments section about your views on the film.

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