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Saade Aale


Release Date: 29th April, 2022

Starcast : Deep Sidhu, Sukhdeep Sukh,Guggu Gill, Amrit Aulakh, Mahabir Bhullar, Harvinder Kaur Babli, Amrinder Biling, Sonpreet Jawanda, Pali Sandhu

Directed By: Jatinder Mauhar

Producer: Sumeet Singh, Mandeep Sidhu, Mandeep Singh Manna

Story: Balwinder Singh Grewal

Screenplay & Dialogues: Jatinder Mauhar, Daljit Ami

Music Director: Gurmoh, Mukhtar Sahota, Music Empire

Background Score: Gurmoh


The story revolves around ‘Kabaddi’ and rivalry between two families.

The title, ‘Saade Aale ‘justifies as it reflects the story of two ‘apne’ (families) where Kabaddi becomes a reason for bitterness and sweetness in their relationships. So, basically the film is not dragged and first half finishes soon but in the second half film becomes a little intense and gives a good message by the end.


Deep Sidhu in the main lead is seen as an innocent and happy go lucky village boy as opposed to his ususal characters which we’ve seen in ‘Jora’ with a ‘Dabangg’ shade having poise and an attitude. While watching Deep’s character you realize that he is gone too soon and there was a lot of things for him to do. Now, after watching the film I really wish he rests in peace but we missed him and his glimpse made us emotional.

Secondly we’ve Sukhdeep Sukh who has been in the industry for quite sometime and he is seen in the lead ( as a parallel lead) after such a long time and the story is also woven around him. He has an important character which he has played beautifully.

In his earlier works, Sukh was also seen as somebody who is authoritative but in this one, he is also playing a village boy who doesn’t have any interest in studies and any family rivaliries. He loves Kabaddi and only understands his game and love life. He is a simple boy and twist in his story makes you feel sad. You live with the emotions portrayed in the film.

Harvinder Kaur Babli is playing mother in the film. While watching her on screen, we feel as an actor, even she remains under-rated in the Punjabi cinema. She has a tragic character and all the emotions of happiness and sorrows reflect aptly on her face. Actually, it’s great to see people coming forward who can actually act and she justified her character. I really want to congratulate Harvinder for her role.

I am surely going to fall short of words for Guggu Gill and Mahabir Bhullar’s performance. Both of them have performed really well while playing fathers of the two boys. I really don’t think the need to talk about their performances because they are way beyond the league of any critique and criticism.

But at the same time, I really want to talk about two performances which have really amazed me. Balwinder Bullet who plays the Kabaddi announcer. I really enjoyed his style of announcing and commentary. Despite being for a short span of time, he left a mark for sure and the other one is Pali Sandhu, who did not have any dialogues in the film but still believe me or not I was so impressed by this man as he plays a Kabaddi refree in the film. I was bowled over by his energy and body flexibility on ground. Superb! It was such a pleasure to see him on screen. I am sure he was inspired by somebody whom he must have followed (some actual refree). I really enjoyed watching him on screen. You made my day, Pali.

Amrit Aulakh who actually is glamorous in real life doesn’t look like a girl who can be a good fit for a village girl but I must appreciate the fact that she was so much in her character that she looked exactly the same way it was required. She was an appropriate choice for the role. I really enjoyed watching her as the story of her character was very small but it was great watching her.

Amrinder Billing plays the cute younger brother of Sukhdeep Sukh. However, you don’t get to see him much on screen but in the beginning and end of the story. I couldn’t see much of his enactment so I don’t really think I can make an opinion on his performance.


Music is good but there was a romantic song in the film which I found really cute and lovely.


I was a little disappointed with the storyline as I think director Jatinder Mauhar was not able to weave the story according to the emotions in the storyline, background music and kind of story which was being tried to portray or may be direction suffered because of the storyline.

There were certain flaws in the film as first half of the film was entertaining and up energy but second half becomes very intense, serious and emotional. You become sad while watching the film and suddenly there is a twist in the film which you really don’t understand. You feel like what has just happened? Why did the director choose to end it this way? There were certain things which you expect but did not happen.

So, not being too critical about this I think there should have been some ‘tadka’ added in the story owing to which it could have been a ‘film’. It’s a film for godsake! I strongly believe films are required to be spiced up as they are far away from reality. Well, I am sure the story writer and director of the film will not agree with me on this and why would they be as they would be keen on justifying this one to be close to reality but as an audience I think some flavor should have been added.

Overall, film is watchable which can surely be watched once.

If you have followed Deep Sidhu’s journey till now and you’ve appreciated his contribution in the farmer’s protest you should definitely watch this film as a mark of tribute to him as you will feel happy to see his last glimpse on screen where he very handsome. It feels so good to see him smiling and talking as he was an important part of the industry that has now left a mark socially too.

So overall it was a good effort at trying something new. All the characters were well set but it could have been a little better on story and direction front to make this one a blockbuster!

Rating : 3/5

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