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Release Date: 01 Apr, 2022

Starcast : Gurnam Bhullar,Tania,Kaka Kautki,Nirmal Rishi,Harman Dhaliwal, Harman Brar and others

Producer: Gunbir Singh Sidhu and Manmord Singh Sidhu

Story/Screenplay/Dialogues: Jagdeep Sidhu

Director: Manvir Brar

Editor: Rohit Dhiman

Production Designer: Arushi Gupta

Background Music: Sandeep Saxena

Music: B Praak

This was the first movie which I have seen after ‘Shooter’ means after such a long time! Well, when I saw the trailer the first thing that came to my mind was ‘Swaad aa gaya’. It is in those rare times that I felt like saying so as most of our movies are about comedies and action thrillers but this one was a little different. An aspect of love story from the school days and an emotional play! Also Read : Lekh Trailer Review: Swaad Aagya! What A Lovely Trailer

So, what was their in the film and how did I like it, go ahead to read my review!

Storyline: An innocent and cute love story that had happened back in school which then introduces you to their present day engagements, relationships and helplessness.

Review: Starting from the beginning, there is a wedding sequence where a group of girls are talking and it is when you are being introduced to the female lead, Raunak played by Tania. After that in a series of conversation they talk about their friendships and story of the film takes off.

So, Raunak goes back to her flashback when she was in the 11th standard and narrates the story of that innocent love that had happened back in school. The story goes too much to and fro bewteen the old and present times but keeps you glued to the screen. It is important to make a special mention of the background score here which is done by Sandeep Saxena which brings an emotion in the scenes. It will not make you cry but definitely touches your heart which brings a connect with all the characters. While watching the film, I really felt like patting on the back of both the lead characters i.e. Gurnam and Tania because after watching this film, I fell in love with this pairing. I felt really happy to see the equation, chemistry and innocence which the two were successful in bringing into their characters. It was not forcefeeded and Gurnam actually has my heart as he has performed so beautifully in the film.

Well, I have mentioned earlier also that Gurnam’s acting comes out naturally and he is one of those few promising singer turned actor whom you can rely upon as a good actor in the Punjabi industry. There was a time when there were humoungous artists venturing into films but you couldn’t find a performer in them but actors like Gurnam gives you a chance to live the story. I have been appreciative of Tania’s work as well as she lives and give her innocence to the charcters which beautifully reflects onscreen. I strongly feel she has a bright future ahead.

Coming back to the film, the freshness in both the lead characters was that they both played the charcter of their school times with sheer innocence. Yes, at the same time, in a few instances, I would like to mention (for Gurnam) when you play an innconect character you go a little overboard that your act overpowers your innocence but I am not calling it negative at all rather I think it is a learning experience.

Now let’s talk about the scene where they show us the weight transformation was so hard hitting that you actually get goosembups. It makes you feel like Aah! This is his journey…This is what he has become. So, the movie is very beautifully written and directed.

However, in terms of direction, some of the scenes had sudden jumps in the story and some of the scenes were a little abrupt but this can be a mere editing error thus I felt could’ve been a little smooth. But overall the way mature love story has been presented makes you fall in love with the dcharacters thus a superb film!

The end of the film will give you the feels of Bollywood’s superhit film, ‘Hum Dil de Chuke Sanam’ but as long as it leaves a smile on your face, it’s worth it!

Music: Jaani and B Praak have weaved their magic in this. The theme song and bits of music in several scenes is commendable.

What I didn’t like: There were some slightly noticeable dubbing issues in the very beginning as in the opening scene we see a group of girls sitting in an open area so there should’ve been an ambience sound but the sound of a closed area was being used. One more issue was with the comfort slang in girls that we see in their daily life routine where they use words like saali etc. initially but it went missing in their school language thus making it a little turn off.

Verdict: This is one of those few movies which will go down in my memory lane which I would not want to miss everytime it would come on the television. Such was the kinds when Sufna was released. Directorial debutante, Manvir Brar has scope of improvement but after such a long time we’ve got a beautiful Punjabi film and I am glad that I watched it. There is no non-sense in the film. Watching Kaka Kauktki will make you reminisce his acting skills and realize that we’ve lost gem of an actor. We can surely watch this one as a tribute to him because it’s worth it.

So over and all, it’s a fresh pair with very beautiful chemistry and beautiful direction. Be it production design and costumes, everything spelled perfection making it a 5-star rating film for me.

Lastly, I literally have a request that now the Gurnam and Tania pairing should not be overdone which we’ve already seen in the case of so many hit onscreen pairs so much so that they are being cast time and again in so many songs and movies that makes us go like ‘bas karo yaar, bahut ho gaya’.

Rating: 5/5

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