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Great Sardaar


Great Sardaar Movie Review : It could easy be re-titled as 'Badla Jattan Da' or something similar! 

Ranjeet Bal's 'Great Sardaar' is a mixture of various stories that ultimately leads to way too much blood shed and unethical gunning down of people. A movie that should have been released in the era when Punjabi cinema was sailing through rough waters, this one could then have been gulped as another bad project.

Director - Ranjeet Bal

Starcast - Yograj Singh, Dilpreet Dhillon, Ashish Duggal, Roshni Sahota, Amrinder Billing, Nirmal Rishi and more

I wasn't going to watch this movie but well..I can't ignore my work right :-)

Anyways, yes I did watch it and this movie reminded me of the times when we saw meaningless killings in the film which make you wonder, is their any law and order in this part of the world where these characters dwell or is it mere gunda raj??

The film started with college rivalry and suddenly a song appeared that started when a couple looked into each other's eyes but suddenly we saw Dilpreet Dhillon and Roshni romancing in it..lols

Dilpreet and Amrinder play college rivals while there's another guy seen as a bully who is against their popularity. That bully is the son on an MLA. Evidently, he tries hard to get rid of them and in this tryst gets Dilpreet's younger brother killed. By the way Dilpreet is Gurjant in the movie. 

Before this, a vague episode of a man(Amrinder Billing's father) is shown who goes to a baba to get rid of trespassers on his 40 acres land and ultimately loses his life and his daughter's too, to the dera baba, who is a crook (played by Ashish Duggal). This baba, throughout the movie, is merely raping girls coming his way..WTF man. 

Ultimately, Gurjant and his fellow college mates get into the same situation when their families are brutally murdered by the politicians/ baba/police in various incidences. The trio unifies at a sardaarniji's residence and that's when Yograj Singh (The Great Sardaar's) story comes into picture. 

Bus fer ki aa..lot of dhmakedaar dialogues and fighting is what follows. 

Waise ta movie was interesting but frankly it won't gather much response because this isn't what people expect from Punjabi cinema now, the standards are now way too high, and makers getting their hands on such projects can easily lose out on a lot. We do know that the film had been shelved due to financial reasons so we aren't too harsh about it, as this product in itself shows that it isn't for today's time. 

The actors have done well but the actresses, I believe, need to really word hard on their expressions. 

Overall review : Avoidable movie. Watch only if you want to relive the 80s era of Jattwaad in films.

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