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Super Singh


Super Singh Film Review: Some films are so bad that they leave you enraged and repentful, Super Singh happens to fall in that category! 

Anurag Singh's 'Super Singh' is the story of a normal man who gets super powers by wearing an orange turban and what follows is nothing but boring series of stretchy events.

Director - Anurag Singh

Starcast - Diljit Dosanjh, Sonam Bajwa, Pavan Malhotra

After Tiger Shroff starrer 'Flying Jatt' bombed at the box-office, the makers probably thought that a Punjabi super hero film needs an actual Punjabi and maybe that's the reason they thought of trying this Punjabi super hero concept yet again and this time was no better.

Super Singh is the story of a Montreal based young man named Sajjan Singh aka Sam, who is in tryst to get hitched with a gori and because of this selfish reason he even keeps calling himself a gora (90%). Sonam Bajwa (Fattu Dhinga based girl) plays Sajjan's friend in the movie and is in love with him since their school days together. Pavan Raj Malhotra plays Santji who is shown to be a soft spoken dera baba. The first half of the film is shot in Canada and second half is entirely in Punjab. 

Coming to whether Super Singh actually justifies it's hype of being the first ever Sikh super hero film then we'd say not at all. It is only about an orange turban and it's powers and has nothing to do with Sikhism, if you see it from a larger perspective. Any wise man having good intentions, if gets his hands on that turban, could have attained super powers, no matter his religion. So now you'll be wondering what's the background of this turban?

The movie starts with a man reciting Sukhmani Sahib and dekhde hee dekhde gets shot by a gang who is searching for the 'pagg'. Soon we see a kesdhari Gursikh running around with the turban to save it from the bad guys but somehow his turban gets misplaced and reaches Sajjan Singh, who after seeing what his mother got him shows his displeasure towards his mother's choice of gifts for him (turbans). So one fine day, to impress his crush he plans to compete for a rugby game and that's when he wears that orange turban and wollah..becomes a super hero and wins the game! 

A series of events follow and he finally realises that it is this orange turban that is giving him the powers. Let me mention here that he has a friend who is a little boy suffering from cancer and finally becomes the reason for him not getting a haircut! (Ahem) 

Soon, Sajjan is seen saving some Punjabis and ultimately lands in a pind, in order to give the turban to Santji, who, according his mother, is the rightful person to own the turban (His mother is a santji follower by the way). So here the lover duo falls for each other and Sajjan is seen using his super powers to save a farmer from debt with an amount but makes us wonder 'What about the others'??

Throughout this extra long and boring film I kept finding a logic as to why a production house would fund such a movie and also why would a sensible director like Anurag Singh do such a witless project. 

The movie was being promoted as a project that'll make people aware of who Sikhs are and what Sikhism is but in a nutshell the film is all about a turban and nothing else. What about the other kakaars that the Guru Sahibs have mandated for Sikhism?? 

Also, if the super hero decides to keep his hair intact then how come his beard is so neatly trimmed??

The background of the turban, as stated by the son of the actual turban owner, was that it had been given to his forefathers by guru Sahiban as a blessing and has passed on through generations, makes this whole film a complete nonsense. How come then the family who owns the turban never wears it?? Aren't they as clear hearted  and saintly as Sajjan Singh?? How come with such a super power turban, the man chanting Gurbani still dies a sad death?? Why is his son saving the turban from the bad guys if he himself can wear it and fight them all??

Kya yaar yani kujh vi bnaoge and you want people to watch it in the name of religion??

Diljit throughout the movie reminds us of Fateh Singh and his previous characters in the Punjabi movies that he's done so far and don't expect anything exceptional from him in this one as well. Sonam Bajwa, on the other hand, stands strong as a confident actor. Off lately Sonam has become pretty impressive in terms of her dialogue delivery and timing. A special mention of the senior actor, whose played Sajjan's mom, has to be made for doing a great job in the movie. 

Pavan Malhotra's character in the movie was supposed to bring in a twist but alas! Wastage of a brilliant actor in a role that could have been done by any ABC actor. 

Too much of flying and unwanted sequence of events makes Super Singh a movie worth avoiding else you'll find yourself steaming up by what you're seeing and also getting a migraine.

A note for the makers: The missile idea on Darbar Sahib and Akal Takht Sahib wasn't a sensible thing to show. (Please don't give ideas to criminal minds)



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