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Jora The Second Chapter


Release Date - 6 March 2020

Director/Story/Screenplay/Dialogues - Amardeep Singh Gill

Producer – Bathinde Wale Bai Films and Loud Roar Films

Cast – Deep Sidhu, Singga, Japji Khaira, Mahie Gill, Guggu Gill, Yaad Grewal, Ashish Duggal, Mukesh Tiwari, Kul Sidhu Dharmendra, and Hobby Dhaliwal.

Synopsis: The story of the movie revolves around a gangster turned politician. His journey towards entering the world of politics is shown to be full of guns, killing and action throughout. The movie is the second part of the Jora series and shows a lot of flashbacks from the first part. Hence if you haven’t seen the first part you might not relate to the second one as much.

Review: This action-packed thriller movie has quite a few high points, one of them surely is the acting of the lead actor Deep Sidhu. The strongest link in the movie is the hero himself whose performance takes the simple story a notch higher. Deep’s non-dramatic way of acting is quite impressive. He is in the character and his character looks real and relatable. Another strong point of the movie is its dialogues which are penned by Amardeep Singh Gill; such heavy and prolific dialogues that one feels gripped throughout. These dialogues are wonderfully penned and add substance to the movie. In a few scenes, we feel that the dialogues are more powerful than the situation created.

The weakest link of the movie is debutante Singga. The new hero in town fails to impress us. The character written for him is strong but he couldn’t deliver as expected. The lead actor is so strong, this one seems to be a weak choice for the antagonist's part.

Yaad Grewal has carried the film quite well. He has outdone himself this time as he's way too natural when he's even acting! 

Mahie Gill has made a comeback, though her role confuses us but we're still hoping to see more of her in Punjabi Cinema. Her character of a strong-headed police officer is controversial as per that night scene. We fail to understand the intention of her character. Maybe the director has kept certain things under the wrap for the next part.

The act of actors like Japji Khaira, Kul Sidhu and a few others seemed to be incomplete. They could have been more remarkable. 

The movie is full of action and killings but still, it doesn’t motivate you to pick up guns yourself. Jora The Second Chapter is a mature action movie hat one can watch with a relaxed mind. It just doesn't make your clench your fist or strain your muscles as the flow is quite controlled. 

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The beauty of the film even lies in the subplots that hold very strong messages. For example, the one where a singer is given a lesson and the dialogue where the PU president gives up on alcohol, are scenes that speak out loud about the brilliance of the mind that has written these stances. So subtle, yet so strong.

The background score of the movie by Rio & Raz was quite impressive. The costumes of the characters by Japneet Dhingra & Sunena Nar were also in sync with the situations. The raw location used suited well with the story. We also do want to mention the typical lingua used in the film by veteran actor Guggu Gill. Though the man spoke it extremely well we just couldn't understand the dialogues at some pints because of no subtitles. 

Overall the movie is worth watching, you can surely watch it in the theatre but certainly not with your kids. The controlled action-packed drama film is dark yet subtle, it is something that will entertain you. Also, the use of alcohol is very limited in the movie. Whatever was shown is shown in a very decent and necessary way.

In the end, you'll be left with one question - who killed maasiji?

Overall Verdict: For those who love watching action films, Jora The Second Chapter is a decent film for you to watch with your peer group. A well-crafted product, this one is entertaining for sure. 

Rating: 3/5 (Good film) 

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