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Ik Sandhu Hunda Si


Director- Rakesh Mehta

Producer-Bally Kakkar 

Release Date -28th February 2020

Starcast- Gippy Grewal, Neha Sharma, Dheeraj Kumar, Roshan Prince, Raghveer Boli, Vikramjit Virk, Pawan Malhotra, Jass Dhillon, Hobby Dhaliwal, Anmol Kwatra.

Story-Jass Grewal

Synopsis- The movie is a commercial action drama based on a love story. The major chunk of the film runs as a flashback where a Sandhu mate narrates his macho stories to two new admissions of his university who happen to hire the same PG that Sandhu used to live in. One day these boys receive a wedding card by courier at their address and that's when they go on a lookout for Sandhu. 

Review: The cliché script of the movie is penned by Jass Grewal who has given us better stories than this before. When we saw the trailer we were sure that the film will be worthless but seeing Jass Grewal's name in the script credits got us in a dilemma and we hoped that the man's mighty pen has some surprise element for us to be impressed but hell no! 

The plotline of the movie is nothing new at all. There isn’t a single thing in the movie which seems innovative or novel. Not only have we have seen a similar story in Bollywood but also in Punjabi movies. We wonder what made the investors bankroll such a cliché project. Bad move Bally Kakkar, why were you even convinced??

Talking about the performances, the lead actor Gippy Grewal in the movie isn’t the best choice for Sandhu's character. With such a lean body structure how should we believe that he can hit those punches? His heavy dialogues which are penned by Prince KJ don’t suit him well, neither does the action. The action given to him is quite average as action director Sham Kaushal knows the caliber of his actors. Other actors like Roshan Prince, Dheeraj Kumar, Jass Dhillon, and Raghveer Boli are quite likable in comparison. They suit their roles way better than the lead actor.  Director Rakesh Mehta could have chosen a better lead to pull off the Sandhu role. Even Pawan Malhotra didn't do any magic this time. 

Talking of the lead actress Neha Sharma who has made a debut in the Punjabi film industry with this one, she is just okay in the movie. Her acting is average and her dubbing is very sing-song kinds. We wonder why makers often take actresses from Bollywood who aren’t doing well there. Punjabi industry is full of actresses who can add value to a movie but ehnanu smjhave kaun?

Anmol Kwatra was another guy who made his debut in the movie and we wonder why? The man had nothing to do, just a few simple dialogues for which the makers could have cast any random person, why make him work out so much for a role that demands him to sit on the rear seat of an open jeep throughout the film? We feel the same for Babbal Rai.

The man who stands apart from everyone else is the villain who fits well in his role. Vikramjeet Virk aces the role of the antagonist in the movie. The man was so good that his acting overshadowed even the lead actor. We wish the makers had cast someone strong and heavy opposite him so that at least their fight could have looked more real, someone like Jag Singh (Dakuaan Da Munda fame).

The cinematography of the movie by Maneesh Bhatt was good but due to other glitches, we couldn’t enjoy the movie more. Poor dubbing was another sad part. Though the editing by Rohit Dhiman was crisp the shoddy screenplay and the awful script left us fuming. The background score was also appreciable and was quite good during the action sequences.

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Rakesh Mehta's direction was a major miss this time. We have seen his work before and we think that he could have given us something better. A a matter of fact, if Gippy claims to have written stories like Ardaas and Warning then the man would have been a better choice for the script writer's role in this one too. Oh, and why was the makeup so dramatic??

There isn’t any particular song that remains with us just the one in the end. Another point to be noted is the extreme violence shown in the entire movie which we're still wondering is okay with the state government which is, at present, very strict against films and songs promoting violence and gangsterism. 

Verdict: This one's a sure miss this weekend as it is neither a family film not has any social message. Rather we're still trying to find a motive behind the making of this film

Rating: 1/5 (that too because we liked the villain)

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