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Release date – 14th February 2020
Director – Jagdeep Sidhu
Starcast- - Ammy Virk, Tania, Jagjeet Sandhu, Seema Kaushal, Jasmin Bajwa, Kaka Kautki, Mohini Toor, Lakha Lehri, Balwinder Bullet, Rabab Kaur & Mintu Kapa 

Synopsis- Sufna is the story of a man who falls in love with a daily wager from another village. The orphaned girl is awaiting her father's return and in this wait, paves a new way for the man she loves. How the story finally brings these two at a point of no return, is what this film is about. Any more revelation of the story might spoil the fun.

Performances - Talking about Tania, it is the first time that the actress has come as a lead actress. She has been given a blemished look and deep blue eyes but there's a reason behind that which you'll find out when you watch Sufan. 

Ammy Virk on the other side seems to have tremendously improved as an actor in all these years. His act is quite well crafted as a rural lover boy in the movie. We love his lover boy charm way too much, maybe because we have not had a lover boy in Punjabi cinema for long. He is the ideal choice for this segment of films and is not mushy or trying to be extra cute while performing, he's just perfect for such roles.

Balwinder Bullet has surprised us with his act. Too good man! His character was one of our favorites from the diversity presented because for once, we felt that here's an actor who has the caliber to make the audience laugh hysterically without being or saying anything that's intentionally funny. His desi English in bits won over us completely! 

Another important role is played by Jagjeet Sandhu. Jagjeet has been given a supporting role in the movie and we're glad that his performance adds value to his character. He must understand that he shouldn’t miss important roles in movies just because he wants to be the lead actor. That race of being a lead actor can be disastrous sometimes. His role had a friendly yet high headed envious side to it and this was brought out brilliantly by the actor who, towards the end, even evokes a sense of sympathy in the audience. 

Seema Kaushal, Lakha Lehri, Kaka Kautki, Jasmin Bajwa, and others, have all been well performed and were a delight to watch. Their conversations were relatable and the characterization is done so well that none of the actors overpowers the other, keeping the overall importance of his own and the other in the frame, alike. The best part is that everyone stood apart in their roles and we loved watching each one of them.

Overall, the movie is subtle and very real. We didn't that we are watching a film, it felt like a real story playing in front of our eyes. There is no forced melodrama, instead, the story moves with a lot of ease without bumps or song breaks or even unnecessary action sequences.

Another praiseworthy point in the movie is its dialogues. These beautifully penned dialogues are hard-hitting. One feels connected with the in-depth relevance of the words spoken. Even the climax of the movie proceeded like the rest of the movie, with ease. No melodrama, no loud music, just simple flow of events. One doesn't even realize when the eyes get wet. 

What kept us glued to the seat is the crisp editing of the movie by Manish More. We didn't get bored at any point in the film, though it did have a dip point post interval but that can easily be overlooked.

Costumes by Roma Sharma also deserve a mention here as they are quite well designed. The background score by Sandeep Saxena gives this movie a new high altogether, so well done!

The tracks are lovely and chances are that to relive the magic of the film again, you'll keep playing these tracks in your car.

DOP Vineet Malhotra seems to have captured the director Jagdeep Sidhu's vision brilliantly, thus giving the story it's best shape on the screen. Minute detailing has been taken care of, the emotions are captured beautifully and the romance shown is pure and selfless, ah! mesmerizing. Well done Jagdeep.

Overall – Sufna is a film that will make you fall in love with it every time you watch it. Beautiful story, superb direction, amazing acts, and melodious music is what makes this film stand apart.

Rating: 5/5 (A must watch this weekend)




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