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Recently released Punjabi movie Amaanat is produced by Dharmbir Gurjar & Kiran Yadav. The movie stars Dheeraj Kumar, Neha Pawar, Rahul Jungral, Rupinder Rupi, Mahabir Bhullar, Sanjeev Attri, Honey Mattu, and Dilawar Sidhu, in main roles.

Release Date: 13-December 2019
Director: Royal Singh

Synopsis: The movie which is penned by Pawan Singh and Ravinder Birla is about a girl who has lost Fateh. In search of her Fateh the story moves forward. Though the movie has two beautifully interwoven stories the threads are joined towards the end and then we understand how they are related.

Review: This one by Royal Singh is a heavy movie. The emotional ride that will take you through a journey of lost and found emotions will leave you with moist eyes and a heavy heart. Technically the movie seems to be weak. From the opening scene itself, too much digital make up on the faces of the characters makes the screen appear to blur. 

Bad chroma and pixilated shots are other turn-offs. The mixing and dubbing syncs of the movie are also flawed. There are songs where we don’t get to hear the background music properly. 

The background score and the music of the movie are also quite weak. There are unnecessary overexaggerated effects given which fail to make a connection with the audience.

The story written by Pawan Singh & Ravinder Birla was certainly unique but the screenplay was pretty weak. At some points, one had to brainstorm as to what must have happened and who is who. For example, it took us some time to realize who that Chandigarhiya fellow was!

Taking about the performances, the makers have smartly cast good theatre actors. Dheeraj, for whom this is the first movie as a lead, has performed well. He is impressive and quite emotive onscreen. Neha, who was last seen in Asees, is impressive. There are scenes in which she performs spectacularly well but sadly right when the emotional outburst begins connecting with the audience, she is probably given a cut and made up again to perform the scene with a little less emotion in the next few frames, which leads to an observable lack in directorial skills.

Rupinder Rupi is seen in a different role this time and this modernized role adds the little comic element which is required in the movie. Another actor who has given an applaud worthy performance is Sanjeev Attri in the role of Ghuggi. The man has performed so well that we wanted to see more of him. His performance was not overdone not subtle but just the right amount. Mahavir Bhullar and Rahul have also given a decent performance in whatever screen time they had.

If we talk about the direction, Royal Singh has a lot of scopes to improve. There are small things in the movie that made us lose the connection. But the sad thing remains that there wasn’t much of the audience to watch this movie. Hence this is where you need star power to attract the audiences to watch content-oriented cinema.

The music of the song was average.

Verdict: It’s a nice story but not a brilliant attempt. The technical errors and weak direction are problematic areas. A heavy film, this one might leave you a little wet-eyed. 

Rating: 2.5/5 (Watch it if you little content-rich films)

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