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The much-awaited Binnu Dhillon and Sargun Mehta starrer Jhalle has been released and is now playing in the theatres near you. Directed by Amarjit Singh Saron, this one is produced by Binnu Dhillon Production, Dreamiyata Entertainment Pvt Ltd & Manish Walia Production. The starcast of the film includes Binnu Dhillon, Sargun Mehta, Pavan Malhotra, Jatinder Kaur, Harby Sangha, Banninder Bunny and Gurinder Dimmpy.  The story and screenplay of the film are by Amarjit Singh Saron and the dialogues are by Rakesh Dhawan. 

Release Date: 15 November 2019

Director: Amarjit Singh Saron

Synopsis: The film is about two characters who are mentally unstable and destiny plays its role by making them fall for each other. The girl is from a very well to do family that has a sad history attached and the man is a mental hospital patient who runs away from the facility to meet his lover only to find out that she now has a 16-year-old son. The man has 2 dear friends who stand by him through thick and thin. Whether these two disabled characters finally meet or not is for you to find out. 

Review: After watching a gem of a film Kala Shah Kala, where the team had handled the topic of colourism very nicely, we had high hopes of Jhalle, which is again a film based on a social issue, this time, mental instability. Neena and Ballu are the central characters of the film. A mental patient Balu runs away from the hospital while his treatment is still underway. The man actually has been a victim of two accidents after which, when he's nervous, he sees people around him doing bhangra. But that was only till the first half of the film because in the other half, only the turle wali pagg was seen as a connection to this condition, baaki shayad director sahb bhulgaye ke first half vich kinne lambe bhangre pvaate goriyan to. Though this was a funny angle but the makers could not use it properly.

On the other hand, Neena is a curly hair blue-eyed young girl who belongs to a family that owns quite a large chunk of land and live in a mansion. the family comprises a grandfather, grandmother, father, her younger brother who is also mentally sick and herself. This family has a caretaker and a doctor who visits them, eats with them and is literally present in every situation be it whatever. 

So this family is looking for an appropriate suitor for Neena who dismisses all the proposals by picking out one or the other flaw in the men leaving one with a chopped arm who is then chained in her house for god knows what reason. (if the father could burry Ballu, he could have done the same with this guy but god knows why they kept him chained in the house, maybe because he was to serve drinks later..silly)

Coincidentally, the doctor who treats Ballu is a friend of the doctor who treats Neena and he suggests that Neena undergo brain surgery which will then make her a normal girl. He is also the one later who tells her father that Ballu has no chances of recovery however Neena can lead a normal life if she gets operated. So for check-up, Neena is sent to the doctor's house where she hangs around with his daughter and during this, she bumps into Ballu and falls for him. The sacha pyaar is soooo much that somewhere in the film you'll also see her slitting her wrist to prove it! (ah! okay)

Here there's all songs and stuff and some irritating burps that are meant to provoke laughs but alas! 

Then Ballu is invited over to Neena's house for a family meet and greet and that's when the trouble starts for Ballu and his friends. Let's not forget that from here onwards till 15 minutes before the end of the film, Neena's mother's presence is felt in the movie and at times she's also shown standing at the rooftop. 

With slip fingers, bloody hankies, aggressive outpours, helpless guests and then an emotional twist, the second half of the film has a lot but nothing other than Binnu, Baninderjit and Harby's tri-estry entertains or touches the audience. It is the comic exchange of dialogues between these three that lifts up the film at some points only to drop down again towards utter boredom and senseless and irritating 'jhalli' acting, which is oh-so-fake. 

Jatinder Kaur and Pavan Malhotra do their bit very finely but the characters really don't do much for the film. 

Sargun Mehta looks pretty only in the opening scene. Otherwise, throughout the film, she's either looking shabby or undone properly, and to add up to the whole irk, she acted so badly in this film. We could see shades of Barfi in her but Sargun failed miserably in this character act. Seeing her makeup, I was reminded of her Jindua makeup which was so badly blended that one can easily make out the contouring done on the face. 

Shockingly, the makers have openly mocked at the disabled characters so many times in the film that it is unbearable, with dialogues that were bluntly rude. The characters themselves are also loosely written and do not convince the audience that they're actually not too good up there. Mental patients are not this easy to deal with. 

Stuffing songs into this dragged drama was also not a good idea. Though the film did offer something different to us but needs to be executed and directed in a way that it appeals to the masses rather than created a half baked cake which no one enjoys. 

Some points which need a special mention here are:

Why did no one from the mental hospital come in search of Ballu until the end of the film??

Why was there a weapon in a house which is full of mentally unstable patients?

How come no one noticed that Sargun is having lipstick on her teeth in one of the scenes??

Why did the doctor say tusi tadtk zinda ho jadtak Brar sahb nu eh pta ke tuhanu ohna de parivar baare kujh ni pta - ehdi ki relevance si?

The romantic song Paen Kalje was such a bad song!

Turban wala scene was impactful but why get mental patients for this act? Why not someone who is sane and honourary? Poori film da es scene naal ki connect si?

The film gets shot overseas and the engagement happens in India? Did you even notice the quality of guests at that party??

In the end, why was the man with a slit arm serving drinks to the guests that too with so much happiness?? 

how can someone who has freshly undergone a brain surgery walk out on the streets with so much ease?

Last but not the least, jado apni jhalli kudi loka naa vyon nu firde si tdo kujh ni si disda but je munda aggeo jhalla si ta suddenly ehde father nu concern jaag geya. 

How come the friends never went back to work and didn't even reason this to the family that they need to get back to their job instead of making lame excuses?

A lot of why-s are still pending but for now, all I can say that Jhalle has left me highly dishearted especially because I had high expectations from this team. 

Verdict: This inappropriate 'Disability Based' film will leave you miffed and angry at the quality of content that this team has offered. 

Rating: 1.5/5 (Easily give it a miss because it is a bekaar film)

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