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Katy Perry Kicks Ball At Fan's Face

By: IANS | November 30, 2017

An inflatable eyeball prop was accidentally kicked by Singer Katy Perry at a fan's face while performing "Roar" at a gig Utah.

According to, the singer was performing at the Salt Lake City. 

The whole moment was captured by the fan and he posted it on her Twitter account. She was not annoyed by the fan but she called it the best moment of her life.

"That time Katy Perry wrecked my face in SLC. The single best moment of my life," the fan wrote. 

The fan, Jordan Hanks said that she didn't realized that Perry was kicking the ball right at her face after recalling the incident.

She also wrote,"Some people were throwing them around , but one landed right by katy and she kicked it. I realized it when it was too late."

She also added,"The ball hit me right in my face and knocked my phone out of my hands. I was so shocked that I stared laughing. Everyone asked me if I was okay but I was just laughing uncontrollably."

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