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Blessed To Be Marrying Saurabh: Zara

By: IANS | November 27, 2017

Actress Zara Barring said is is so lucky to have a husband like actor Saurabh Pandey.

Zara said," She is very lucky and blessed to get married to the man that I love. For sure it is the best feeling. I feel that our relationship has been gone under its fair share of ups and downs."

Zara added who is going to marry Saurabh on Tuesday that ,"We have conquered  many challenges during our relation and took our time to know each other properly.... and obvious decision was to get married."

Zara said religion was not a problem in our marriage.

She also said," I believed that religion comes at second point but the main point is the basic values that a person has been raised with. Love is the base on which the relationship is build."

She said,"Saurabh is liked by my entire family, but I felt that he is closet to my father. They have a very strong bond and mutual respect for each other."

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