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Deep Jandu's Apology For 'Copied Music' Is Just The Thing His Infuriated Fans Needed At The Moment!

By: Raman | November 25, 2017

Punjabi music producer Deep Jandu, who carries a tagline ''Aa gya ni ohi bilo time" is one of the most sought after music makers in the present day Punjabi music scene and no wonder the amount that he charges per track is humongous! 

But a recent song that he produced got him in trouble as his fans were deeply disappointed after they learnt that it has been copied from Zwirek's 'Night In Dubai'. 

Infuriated Zwirek took to Facebook to share his concern and quoted, "You recognize this beat? yep thats my "Night in Dubai" beat copied note to note by this "talented producer" Deep Jandu (he blocked pining) as I read on his facebook this is not the first beat he have copied, yet he has 190k folowers, How talentless you must be to copy other beats1 to 1? I understand beeing inspired and try doing something similar but riping off everything and puting your credits on this? Have some dignity or call yourself reproducer not producer."

The moment this post hit social media, people started reacting and were upset over that fact that this one wasn't the only one he had copied, there were others as well. 

Comments such as "Cummon Mr Deep Jandu stop copying the music man. Guerilla war copied from HARD WESTCOAST GANGSTA BY TUPAC. Shame on u #deepjandu", "#DeepJandu such a pathetic loser. Copycat. #Copied music even in his song guerrilla war (Amrit Mann)" , "He lost respect.
Didn't Expected This From You #DeepJandu
#Shame" and many more started flooding social media pages and Deep Jandu was directly being tagged for being a copycat! 

His fans were deeply hurt and infuriated as well and after seeing the backlash, Jandu took to social media to offer his apology for copying the beats. He quoted, "Sare sajjan mitaraan nu dowe hath jod ke fateh ji
12 saal da c jado ma music shuru keetha , 16 saal de vich peli album recording kitha c NACh . As a vocalist ...and pichle 10-11 saalan ton ma music bana riya . Din raat menhat kar ke 2016-2017 de vich tusi mere kam nu bhut pyar ditaa ...main ghato ghat 200-250 gaane daa music kitaa je 2-3 gaanyaa di beat same mil gyi jiss karke mere fans nu Dukh lagaa oss lai SORRY Magda Main Agge to ehnaa cheejaa da Dhyn rakhugaa je Tusi Support karoge taa puri mehnat naal kam karugaa je nai karuge Te chup karke JOB kr lawage ... Din raat di mehnat Rabb di oatt ..Tuhada sab da pyaar. Te dil ton support . Ehna krke hi aa tuhada DEEP JANDU"

That's the least he could have done..atleast he admitted his mistake! 



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