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Titles Scare Me: Kapil Sharma

By: IANS | November 25, 2017

Popular comedian Kapil Sharma, fondly known as the 'King of comedy', says he is scared of titles, and just wants to crack good jokes to make others laugh.

He shot for the comedy reality show "The Great Indian Laughter Challenge" alongside action star Akshay Kumar and comedy judges Shreyas Talpade and Sajid Khan on Tuesday, read a statement.

During the shooting, Akshay asked Kapil how it feels to be called the 'King of comedy'.

Kapil said: "I prefer doing my job which is to make people laugh. It is a very good inherent talent to make people laugh. I feel blessed to have gotten this talent. I don't believe in the title given to me because there is so much talent out there that is making people laugh. Titles scare me. All I would want to do is work on the best of jokes to make people laugh."

Akshay believes titles are "temporary".

"It's here today and gone tomorrow. There is a constant flow of talent coming in in every field of life. So always do your best," he added.

The weekend show will be aired on Star Plus.

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