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We Seriously Need To Start Making More Meaningful Songs Like Sandeep Brar's 'Chakkawe Bande'!

By: Gurleen | November 24, 2017

Folk music is slowly fading away from the Punjabi music scene but after listening to Sandeep Brar's latest track 'Chakkawe Bande', we were relieved that there are still artists making meaningful songs. 

Talking about the affect of bad company, this song spreads just the right message for the youth of today. We sincerely hope that it inspires others to make songs on similar lines.

Chakkawe Bande Full Video :


Singer - Sandeep Brar

Music - GAG S2DIOZ

Lyrics - Fateh Shergill

Director - Stalinveer

Label - Lokdhun 

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