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Self Respect, Dignity More Important Than Success: Ishita Dutta

By: IANS | November 22, 2017

Actress Ishita Dutta, who will be seen in "Firangi", has never faced the casting couch so far in Bollywood, but she says she will never compromise on self respect and dignity to chase success.

Often, it surfaces that budding actors feel forced to compromise for survival.

Asked about her journey, Ishita told: "I think I am very fortunate to have my sister, who is always there to guide me and my food and lodging has been taken care of. Since my basic need of life is secure, when it comes to working, I never appeared like a desperate struggler who needs the job to run the kitchen.

"It is unfortunate that in every industry, there are people who take advantage of needy people, but I would like to tell all the budding actors not to be vulnerable and always have a backup plan because rejection in auditions and films is not the end of the world. Self respect and dignity are more important for a woman than success."

She also said it is wrong to blame a victim in a case of molestation and sexual harassment as often women are told they "attract" a certain behaviour.

"My lifestyle is not an opportunity for a sick-minded man to harass me. Why does society dictate a girl to live her life with certain norms? I think the perspective should be changed," Ishita said.

As most of the budding actors come to Mumbai at a very young age, even without finishing their education, Ishita believes that is also one of the factors for them to get exploited.

"Everything has an age. If I will not finish my basic formal education, where student life is one of the most crucial phases of our childhood to develop our personality, then even with little criticism, youngsters feel heartbroken, and little success goes over the head. Our schooling and education teaches us to handle the situation."

In "Firangi", releasing on Friday, Ishita plays a village girl, and shares screen space with Kapil Sharma.

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