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After 'The Black Prince', Sartaaj Is Flooded With Offers From Bollywood But Here's What He's Waiting For!

By: Prakriti | December 5, 2017

Dr. Satinder Sartaaj ‘s debut project 'The Black Prince' received massive response and that too on a worldwide level. Not only did the global Punjabis appreciate his portrayal of Maharaja Duleep Singh, but even Hollywood dropped in their words of admiration for this sufi Punjabi singer turned actor. 'The Black Prince' educated many people about the story of the last Maharaja of the Sikh Empire Dalip Singh, who was Maharaja Ranjit Singh's youngest son and the only child of Maharani Jindan Kaur.

Sartaaj's performance as Duleep Singh won him many accolades out of which the best debutante award stood out as being the most prestigious one for Sartaaj on a personal level.

The beloved poet-singer-actor has been pretty busy with his LIVE shows but we were inquisitive to know about his future projects and the kind of response he has received from the industry after his debut film. We also wanted to know what kind of roles is he looking forward to, so we contacted him and extracted as much as we could for our readers. 

Here's what Sartaaj has been upto after The Black Prince :

"I am overwhelmed by the response of my debut project. I never expected so much love from everyone and am grateful to each one out there for showering so much love for my work,"said Satinder.

He shared that he has been getting many offers after The Black Prince’s release and those aren't only from Pollywood. Even Bollywood is keen to cast him but as of now he hasn't signed any project.

Why Hasn't Sartaaj Signed Any Films After The Black Prince?

Sartaaj clarified that the roles that he is looking for are very different from what he's being offered. He wants to do a movie based on real incidents that have happened in the past, projects that have historical importance, chapters from history that people have forgotten about. 

Does that mean he wants to do biopics??

"We must not confuse it with a biopic! I don't want to do a biopic but a subject that has historical relevance. I want to portray an incident from the past on the big screen and educate the youth about our saga.

Sartaaj had many offers even before The Black Prince was released but this actor chose his debut movie wisely and made his presence felt all across but featuring in this Hollywood flick. Not only was it a grand project but something that will be a cult classic for generations to come.

We are eager to watch him again on the big screen. For now, we are closely watching him for his next project details and as soon as we get something in hand, we'll let you know for sure.

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