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Meghna Never Sees Characters As Negative, Positive

By: IANS | November 9, 2017

Actress Meghna Malik, whose character Ammaji was in favour of female infanticide in "Na Ana Iss Des Laado", has reprised her role for the show's second season as the voice of marginalised women. But she says she doesn't see characters as negative or positive.

The second season, "Laado - Veerpur Ki Mardaani", went on air on Colors channel on Monday, and Meghna is excited about it.

But is it easy for her to make the change from playing a negative role to a positive one?

"I never see a character as negative or positive because you have to be true to the emotion of the character," Meghna told over phone from Mumbai.

"As long as the script is exciting for an actor... I think it is more about the audience or the industry that sees it as negative or positive. For actors, characters have various shades, and our job is to portray those shades."

What kind of social issues will the show deal with?

"This time, Ammaji is more of an activist in the show. She is a torchbearer and is coming in to inspire women to achieve their goals. She is going to become their voice so, if she comes across violence or any crime against women, those issues will be dealt with.

"Ammaji is a powerful woman, very intense and very strong so, she is now going to put her strength in power to bring strength to the women around her. Women who have been marginalised or who feel their voice is not being heard so, she is here to be their voice," she added.

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