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Asthaa Agarwal Takes Hours To Get Ready

By: IANS | November 3, 2017

TV actress Asthaa Agrawal, who plays Prathana from "Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal", takes almost two hours to get into her look for the show.

"Personally I take only 20 minutes to get ready. But to get into the look of Prathnaa, I take almost two hours because of the elaborate Indian make-up and peculiar hair style with 'gajras' around it. Besides the look, my sari has to be draped in a unique way and a lot of effort go behind it.

"It takes dozens of safety pins to make that perfect drape."

The Star Bharat show's actress says her stylist puts in a lot of effort.

"She has to bend on her knees and press each and every pleat in a proper manner. She has to climb on a chair because of my height," Asthaa said.

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