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Homeless Woman Returns Cameron Diaz's Lost Wallet

By: IANS | October 23, 2017

A homeless woman here made sure actress Cameron Diaz gets her lost wallet.

Diaz had reportedly dropped her wallet on the street while making her way out of Matsuhisa, a fancy restaurant here on Thursday. It had cash, credit cards and her identification proofs, reports

The homeless lady, who saw the wallet on the ground, made the connection that its owner must have dined at Matsuhisa. So, she walked inside with the wallet in hand, in search of Diaz -- only to be shooed away, according to a source from the police department.

The source added that someone who works at the restaurant told the homeless woman that Diaz had already left, yet she stayed close by till the police arrived.

She did not pocket the loot and run.

"Someone called police and told them some homeless woman had Cameron Diaz's wallet. Police arrived in short order, found the woman, and she was more than happy to turn the wallet over totally intact," the source said.

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