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Dangar Doctor Jelly Review : A Comical Ridicule Which Fails Miserably In Terms Of Storyline!

By: Gurleen | October 20, 2017

For all those who are still under the impression that 'Dangar Doctor Jelly' is anywhere close to Dr. Dolittle then let's not blame you but the misleading trailer because this movie is not even a single percent close to it.

The freshly released Punjabi film 'Dangar Doctor Jelly' starring Ravinder Grewal, Geet Gambhir, Karamjit Anmol, BN Sharma, Hobby Dhaliwal, Sara Gurpal, Rajiv Thakur, Nisha Bano and others, is basically the story of a Chandigarh based girl (Pushpa Sharma) who falls in love with a village based Vet (Jelly). The guy happens to be a turbaned sardar and things take a turn when the girl's family finds out about their romance. The father (Retd. Brig Meghnath Sharma) is shown to be against inter-caste marriages and is an animal hater. He is ruthless and has two daughters - Pushpa (Geet Gambhir) and Naina (Sara Gurpal). The story goes both back and forth before the interval and we settle down with points that Pushpa is 8 months pregnant and depressed, so much so that it is life threatening for both her and the baby. Secondly, that there's a goat named Rajjo that is Jelly's regular patient, Jelly's father is a retd. DSP and the family has 3 servants - BN Sharma, Karamjit Anmol and Nisha Bano. 

First things first! Dangar Doctor Jelly DOES NOT justify it's title. It is not a film where you'll see the vet treating even a single animal besides the goat Rajjo. The trailer showed the goat talking but the film DOES NOT have talking animals. Also, unlike Ravinder Grewal's last film 'Judge Singh LLB' where people appreciated his acting skills, "Dangar Doctor Jelly' just doesn't win any votes for him. 

The story is a complete miss, a slipshod where we kept wondering what and why are things happening here? Why such outrageous sequence of events? Does the storyteller miss the opportunity to drive home a point? 

Atharv Baluja, the director of Dangar Doctor Jelly is synonymous with comedy films that have an undercurrent of social awareness. The emphasis is to narrate a love story involving two cultures and the script offers ample scope to pack in crazy, absurd and bizarre situations to keep you in splits, but the screenplay doesn't milk the concept to the optimum. 

While the promos of the film prepare you for a laugh-riot, what unfurls on screen doesn't keep you in splits through and through. Initially, yes, the humor works, especially when Karamjit Anmol enters the frame thereafter, a few sporadic instances apart, several episodes fall flat.

Dangar Doctor Jelly totters completely after the interval because one expects the story to move in a sensible direction but alas! nothing but a few bit of illegitimate emotions flow in across virtual relationships and one feels ridiculous at how such sensitive relations are treated, even if that is done amidst confusion or to create some lighter moments. 

Amongst the actors Karamjit Anmol steals the show and was the only actor who's performance brought a genuine smile on our face. Geet Gambhir, the lead has also done a decent job. Sara Gurpal is still a model and can't be termed as an actor. Ravinder Grewal seems to have overdone his skills and needs to tame the expressions to appear more genuine onscreen. A complete under-utilization of talent for Rajiv Thakur and Hobby Dhaliwal. Nisha Bano deserves a better character than this for sure. 

On the whole, Dangar Doctor Jelly appeals in bits and spurts. You expect a laugh-riot, but what comes across on screen is half-baked.

Star Rating - 2/5

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