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Miss You Everyday: Sonu Sood Pays Tribute To Mother

By: IANS | October 14, 2017

Actor Sonu Sood has written an emotional letter for his late mother Saroj Sood on her 10th death anniversary. He says he misses her every day and regrets that he was not by her side when she died.

"It's been 10 years... Ten long years since I last saw you. I never knew that October 13, 2007 will be the most ill fated date in my life. You were my pillar, my strength, my pride someone who knew everything," Sonu wrote on Twitter.

"All that you said years back came true Maa. I became an actor, someone who wanted to make his parents proud and I did that to an extent mom, I am still giving my hundred per cent and I promise I won't give up, after all I'm the only son of professor Saroj Sood, someone who taught the whole world how to live their dreams," he added.

Sonu said his only regret is that he was not around his mother on her last day.

"I know you must have wanted me to be there, but Maa poor you, even you didn't know that we don't have time. And you never wanted to bother me also I know that, but you should have Maa... You should have bothered me. I would have flown to you and would had never let you go," he said.

"There has been not a single day that I didn't miss you. The scars of your loss are as fresh as they were 10 years ago. And will not change till my last breath," he added.

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