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Irrfan Got Tensed For His New Song

By: IANS | October 12, 2017

Actor Irrfan Khan got tensed for his latest song "Jaan le lu teri", says its lyricist Rajshekhar.

Directed by Tanuja Chandra, the film "Qareeb Qareeb Single" is a modern age romantic drama with a refreshing angle of love story. Its first song will release later on Thursday.

Talking about making "Jaan le lu teri", Rajshekhar said in a statement: "This song is based on the phase of the relationship where you can't live together or live without each other. When you are bored yet have become each other's habit. Basically, when you say that 'we are done', actually it is the start of a new story."

"Along with me, even Tanuja and Irrfan were tensed for this song. I do not even remember the number of drafts created for it, as initially, it got a bit serious. The tune made by Vishal Mishra has an inherent naughtiness and I made sure I just followed the tune," he added.

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