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Amit Trivedi Missed Father while composing 'Rukh' song

By: IANS | October 12, 2017

Composer Amit Trivedi, whose new track "Hai baaki" for the film "Rukh", is dedicated to the father-son bond, says he was thinking about his relationship with his father while composing the track.

The song conveys the pathos of a son longing for his father. It dwells on the thoughts of a son who is remembering his father and the joyful, sad and other emotional moments they had shared with each other.

Trivedi had lost his lost his father while he was working on the song, read a statement.

"While composing, I was thinking about all the things that I could have done, all the things I couldn't share with my Dad when he was alive. And there are certain regrets that are always there because we got busy with our lives and had very little time with each other. All these thoughts were flashing in my mind and that was the trigger point for us and the song to come together," Trivedi said.

The lyrics, however, are written by Sidhant Mago "in a very universal way".

"Here, we are dealing with a father and son but if you hear the song it talks about relationships in general. The person who we're close to - whether it's your friend, your family, or anyone else. What you feel if he's not around, if he has left you and gone away somewhere very very far. And the regrets that you have about the things you could have shared or done with the person that you didn't get to do," Trivedi added.

Manish Mundra, founder of Drishyam Films and producer of "Rukh", said: "It is a very special film about a moving father-son relationship. The way Amit has drawn inspiration from his own life really reflects in the raw emotion of the song, and Arijit's soulful rendition has taken it to the next level."

Directed by Atanu Mukherjee, produced by Drishyam Films and presented by Eros International, the film will release in India on October 27.

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