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Someone Asked 'Why Is Golden Temple So Important For Sikhs' And Here's What He Got As An Answer! - Quora

By: Neena | October 13, 2017

Quora is one platform that provides us with a lot of interesting scoop and one such conversation that came our way was this one.

Someone asked a question about the importance of 'Golden Temple' for Sikhs and here's what he got as an answer:

First of all I would like to say that its very wrong to say it Golden Temple. The real name is Harmandir Sahib, also called Darbaar Sahib.

Sikhs have many guruduaras and all are equally important. No place have higher significance over the other because in all guruduaras there is the same Guru Granth Sahib which we follow. We follow Guru Granth Sahib’s teachings, not the building.

But as the question is why its so important to sikhs. Its because we have our history with it.

It was started in the period of Guru Ramdas ji (4th guru) and completed in the lifetime of Guru Arjan Dev ji (5th guru). Before then there was not any proper worship place for Sikhs and guruji build it himself that increases its importance for Sikhs.

Its also important because its structure itself signifies the concepts of Sikhism.

  • Four doors open in four directions means that all are welcome inspite of religion,race,caste , color, creed and sex.
  • When you come inside the complex you have to come down stairs which means leave your pride and become humble.
  • After learning you go back from same stairs up means you have learnt and true knowledge have risen your mind.

There is Akal Takht in front of Darbar Sahib which is a place where sikh political decisions are made. The place is build such that if you go to Akal Takht Sahib, you can clearly see Darbaar Sahib which signifies that when you are doing politics then still remember the religion and do truthful only! But if you go on the top of Darbar Sahib, you will see that Akal Takht is not visible which signifies that do not remember the politics here.

Quite a dose of information haina!

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