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Molly Sims Has Body Dysmorphia

By: IANS | October 11, 2017

Model Molly Sims thinks modelling is a "tough" industry. She says she has got "body dysmorphia" because of it.

"I have body dysmorphia because of my years of modelling," Sims told

Asked if she would ever allow her children to follow in her footsteps, Sims made it clear that she would "support" Brooks, Scarlett and Grey "in whatever they want to do", but will be honest to them about the extreme pressures of the fashion industry.

"It's a very hard industry, I'm not gonna lie. If they choose our industry I hope they have the moral (wherewithal) to be strong, because it does cut you down," Sims said.

"I have certain things with eating, or certain things... because I'm getting ready for something," she added.

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