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Social Media Promotion : New Mantra For Box Office Success, Say Experts

By: Hamraj | October 5, 2017

With time, social media has turned out to be the most powerful medium to propagate information and views. The latest example of it is the box office success of Manje Bistre, which is accredited to the mass promotion on social media.

Not leaving a single chance, the star cast was seen promoting the upcoming movie through some of the most popular online portals and Facebook pages. From marking their presence at popular YouTube channels to a live interaction with the audience through their Facebook pages, it was a smart way to reach millions within a fraction of the time, while simultaneously promoting the targeted audience in a desired manner.

When asked about his take on using social media as a promotional platform for cinema, Subhin John, owner of says, “there is no second opinion about the fact that social media has turned the world so small. The rising count of the social media users and the increase in varying apps talks about the popularity and craze for social media at this point in time. Hence, if used in the right way with right intentions, you won’t find a better way to get the desired results.”

Speaking for the commoners, Isha Sharma, one of the movie buffs says that she gets to know about most of the upcoming movies online. “From the newly released trailer, latest songs of the forthcoming movies to the promotional interviews of the star casts, YouTube and Facebook avail me with the first-hand information in the earliest hour. In fact, the promotion on social media is directly proportional to the craze that gets build up within the audience for the movie. We eagerly awaited Manje Bistre as it was immensely hyped and talked on such social platforms.”

The box office collection’s analysis proves the hypothesis as Manje Bistre broke all the records by crossing the 50-crores mark at the box office.

Now, the question to ponder over is, was the failure of many other movies a result of keeping a lower hand at the social media?

Another such example of social media promotional success is Bollywood's latest release Judwaa 2. The team left no stone unturned for the film's promotion. On the contrary, there are many of our local film makers as well as celebs who shirk away from social media promotions thinking that it is not that good a way to promote and rather a flex banner at a god forsaken commercial site would serve them more. Some are even of the mentality that promotions are not required for content that is good and it is general public who makes it a success by word of mouth! 

Well..people need to open up their minds and start thinking about marketing their product in the right way as in the present scenario, there is no place as direct as social media for reaching out to the target audience. 

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